The girls are at it again making some cool stickers from Xyron. See why they think the Xyron Sticker Maker is so fun and easy to use.

The products reviewed in this post were provided by Xyron.

Making Stickers with Xyron from Jessie At Home

I was recently given some 3″ disposable/recyclable Xyron sticker makers for the girls to review.

We started out by designing the stickers. The girls each drew some of there own, and I also printed them both out some mandalas to color from THIS SITE. The printables are at the end of the post and you do have to sign up to get them, but you won’t get spammed, don’t worry!

Coloring stickers

Once the stickers were all drawn and colored in, it was time to cut them out. 3″ or less wide, but longer is OK.

Vada cutting stickers

Next it was time to run the cut out designs through the machines. It was really simple, just place the sticker-to-be in the back side, face up, then pull the sticker paper from the front side gently until the design has feed all the way though.

Making Stickers


Making more stickers

You can keep on adding more, one behind the other.

Vada pressing the stickers

Once you are done you can tear off the stickers. Then lay them out and rub them to get everything properly adhered.

Kyla peeling the stickers

Now just peel the top covering off and it will take all the extra stickiness off with it. Pretty cool! Then you can just cut the stickers apart to use when you want, or peel them off and use them right away.

Final products

You can get your own Xyron Sticker Makers from Amazon, HERE. I was very happy with the sticker makers. They are good quality, sturdy, and easy to use. The girls had no problem operating them. Here’s what the girls thought of them:

Kyla: I really thought that it was fun, since you could create your own sticker. It was easy. I’m going to tell all my friends about it since it’s s fun!

Vada: It was really fun drawing all the stickers and the process was very interesting. It was really fun to make the stickers.

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