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Middle School beginnings and more to come – Selfie Sunday

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Middle school beginnings can be so rough, but I am super happy to say the twins are handling it like champs! They have great friends and great attitudes. We’ve had some bumps that are typical at their age, but we are working through them. Every night ends with “I love you”, and every morning starts with “good morning.” So I call that a win.

So, let me get you caught up through Halloween. First of all, for nearly 2 years I have NOT been sharing photos of this amazing little one that Vada is playing with in the picture below. That’s because even though my friends brought her home from the hospital when she was just a couple weeks old, she wasn’t officially their daughter until a few weeks ago.

Middle School Beginnings - Selfie Sunday - PlayingPin

After almost 2 years, they were finally able to adopt her! That means I can finally share photos of her (with her parents’ permission). She is fun, happy, playful, and has the greatest little laugh. Vada and Kyla have pretty much claimed her as theirs. Her family is our family-by-choice, so naturally we are all very excited about her adoption.

Middle School Beginnings - Selfie Sunday - Family by ChoicePin

The school year has started off well. Vada is taking a tech/robotics class. They had to make a cardboard marble maze, and this is hers. She made the bottom layer angled so that when you loose the marble in a hole, it rolls to the restart cup.

Middle School Beginnings - Selfie Sunday - MazePin

Kyla is a big Steven Universe fan. Just before Halloween the Steven Universe TV movie came out. The movie introduced a new character named Spinel, and Kyla immediately fell in love. She HAD to be Spinel for Halloween.

Middle School Beginnings - Selfie Sunday - PatternPin

We found most of the parts for the costume online. However, the shorts and the sleeve caps ended up becoming my problem. I picked up some fabric and out came my trusty Clover sewing supplies.

Middle School Beginnings - Selfie Sunday - Cut OutPin

This kid is lucky her mom used to be a costume designer and costume shop manager. I was able to make the extra parts in a few hours. They weren’t awesome, but they worked for Halloween.

Middle School Beginnings - Selfie Sunday - SewingPin

We went to the town wide garage sale in October and stumbled upon a NASA costume that just happened to be Vada’s size. Vada wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. Talk about kismet. She wears that hat everywhere now.

Middle School Beginnings - Selfie Sunday - HalloweenPin

These little boogers keep growing, so we had to buy some new warm clothes for them last weekend. Kyla found the coolest shirt ever at Target. I was rather sad that they only had it in kids sizes.

Middle School Beginnings - Selfie Sunday - Knitting!Pin

Yes, that is 2 narwhals using their horns to knit. It’s so awesome!!!

Have fun with your families my friends!


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