The girls and I had a great time going through all our Heat Transfer Vinyl from Happy Crafters to make night shirts with our Cricut. We started off with some large blank tees. We search Cricut Design Space for some images the girls liked. Vada chose a party monkey, and Kyla chose a sleepy pig.

Happy Crafters Night Shirts by Jessie At Home

Products used in this post were provided by Happy Crafters

Images sized and ready to go

Next the girls looked through all the vinyl and chose what they wanted for each layer. They chose a bit of everything, some glitter, some foil, and some standard. They also chose some great colors!

Lots of Vinyl

After adding our images to our Design Space project, we resized them according to the sizes of the vinyl the girls picked. Then we clicked on “make it” and started going through the cuts one at a time. We remembered to put our vinyl down upside down so that we cut the vinyl and not the top film. We didn’t choose to mirror our images, because there were no words, so it didn’t really matter if they cut backwards.

Getting ready to cut

Once everything was cut, we started ironing on with Kyla’s shirt. The first layer we were able to just place and iron. I used a home iron, because that what I have.

Place first layer

After ironing we removed the film and the pig shadow was all good.

First layer done

Then we placed the second layer, and covered it with a pressing cloth. We had to do this  because the second layer didn’t completely cover the first, so some of the vinyl from the first layer was exposed. It’s not a good idea to put the iron directly on the vinyl without the film between them. So, pressing cloth.

Iron layers with a pressing cloth

The second layer came out wonderfully.

Second layer done

Then we placed the top layer, covered it with a pressing cloth, and ironed.

Isn’t the finished piggy cute? Kyla was quite happy.

Sleepy Pig

Next we started layering Vada’s monkey together in the same manner.

Shiny Monkey

She was also happy with the finished product.

Glitter Monkey

I was very pleased with the Happy Crafter Heat Transfer Vinyl. As I mentioned, we used a variety of styles, and they all worked beautifully. I ironed each according to the suggested times, and used a pressing cloth for the layers. When I was done with each shirt, I ironed them from the back as well. We will wash these shirts inside out. I like that the finished images still move with the shirts, they are not stiff. I will certainly use more of this vinyl in the future.

Look at what we made

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