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Once Upon A Time – Crochet yourself into a fantasy world!

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Sometimes we all need to escape reality and join the fantasy. It’s nice to be a Princess, Prince, King, Queen, Knight, Magician, or even the Joker now and then. Daydreams and fantasy keep us young and creative. So find your inner child and make some of these fun free crochet patterns to give or keep!

Once Upon a Time free crochet pattern round up from Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links of each pattern.

1) Crochet Dragon Wing Scarf by Jessie At Home
This scarf makes you feel like you’re ready to fly away!

2) Spring Party Girl Dress by Crochet Kim
This sweet little dress is sure to make any little one feel like a princess!

3) Unicorn Ice Pop Holders by Blackstone Designs
“I love these open ended holders, because the are the right size for kids to hold, plus they slide up as the popsicle gets smaller!”

4) Unicorn Earbud Holder by A Crocheted Simplicity
This small project is perfect for holding many things such as chapstick, scent sachets for the car, chargers, fidget spinners, and more!

5) Cuddle Up Unicorn Blanket by Moogly
“The Cuddle Up Unicorn Blanket features the corner to corner stitch, super cozy styling – and a spiral horn ready for any little one’s fairy tale dreams!”

6) Enchanted Rose Cape by YARNutopia
“So many little girls love to play dress up or pretend to be their favorite Disney Princess. I was no exception, and that spirit was something I never grew out of.”

7) Valerie’s Princess Dress by The Lavender Chair
This little princess dress is so sweet!!

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Once Upon A Time - Crochet yourself into a fantasy world!

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