Sorry I have been a bit scarce as of late. We have been dealing with a wee bought of the plague. OK, maybe not the plague, but the girls and I have been sharing a cough and a stomach bug. I spent most of the end of last week wondering when the world was going to stop spinning. You can imagine that made it a bit tough to look at a computer screen. Hence the scarceness.


Thankfully we were all on the mend about half way through the weekend. So last night after diner I made green shakes for dessert. They are super simple to make. I filled the blender with mint chocolate chip churn style ice cream, then filled it with skim milk. Then just zip away! The result is very tasty, but not as rich or as fattening as a “regular” shake. *I have a shake attachment for my blender, but just a regular blender should work fine, it just might chopped the chips up more.*


Doug was a happy *part* Irish hubby. He had all of his shake, and half of each of the girls. That’s 2 whole shakes for those of you doing the math!


This morning I thought Kyla could use some fun hair. She gets so happy when I do cute things with her hair. If that’s all it takes, why not?


Butterflies + braids = one happy, giggly, little girl!!

Prepping-one-thing-at-a-time-for -street-fairs

I have been doing my best not to get overwhelmed with the vendor nights/ festivals/ street fairs I am prepping for. On Wednesday I hope to have all the info on these events up top in the “Find me” section.

This morning I decided what I would do is choose one item at a time. Make as many as I want to have done up by the first event, and then get it priced, labeled, inventoried, and packed up. This includes deciding on how it will be displayed. Once I finish one item, I will go onto the next. I am starting with the spa sets, and with the face cloths first.

I will work on all of that while the girls are in school, then I will use the time I have between homework and dinner, and after the girls are in bed to work on my patterns ~ yup, I am still plugging away with the adult version of the Kat coat!!


I am looking forward to playing with an idea I have had rolling around in my head for a while. I picked up the goodies I would need for it last week with a $10 gift certificate I had to AC Moore.


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