When I first started dating my husband, his mother had this great friend named Rose. Rose spent every holiday with Doug’s family, she was basically part of the family. Every Easter she made Polish pickled eggs and beets, and perogies. Doug’s Step Father, Bernie, loved them all! One year at Christmas I got Rose to tell me how she made the eggs and beets, and I wrote it down. There weren’t any measurements, it was really more by feel (taste?) as most hand~me~down recipes are. Shortly after, Rose past away. I adore Bernie, so in order to keep him happy, and in Rose’s memory, I now make Rose’s eggs and beets every Easter. Now I am going to share that recipe with you. You can find the master list of all my recipes here, and you can find them all pinned here.


You want to pickle the eggs four to five days before you want to begin eating them. Really, they will last months, but the first few days they will not be ready yet. I tend to cook my eggs the day before I pickle them, so I don’t have to worry about peeling hot eggs!

So, to start, cook your eggs. Hard boil, hard cook, or bake them (my preference.) When you are ready to pickle the eggs, then go ahead and peel them.


Find yourself a jar to pickle them in. I used a big plastic jar that used to have animal crackers in it. It needs to close, but it does not need to vacuum seal. Here is your list of ingredients

10~12 hard boiled/cooked eggs
1 can beets (sliced or quartered)
1/2 to 1 sweet onion (depending on size and your preference)
3/4 c vinegar
1/2 c sugar

Pour the liquid from the beets and the vinegar into a pan or a microwave safe bowl. Stir in the sugar. Heat over medium heat, or 30 seconds at a time in the microwave, until the sugar is dissolved.

Layer the eggs, beets, and onion (sliced) into your jar, and cover with the liquid. Close, refrigerate, wait 4 to 5 days, open, enjoy.


There you have it! Yum!!


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  1. I’ve made these for years! Didn’t have a name for them. Never used the beets just the juice left over from pickled beets. I will now make them your way. My husband and I both love pickled beets and pickled eggs. Thanks for your recipe. Also love your Harvest Poncho which is next on my list once I finish my knit shawl I’m working on now.

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