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Fun with Sculpey from Jessie At Home

While at Creativations I was given some Sculpey Souffle and a Sculpey Bead Making Kit to give a try. I decided to use it with the girls, and see what they could create.

Vada creating with Sculpey

Even though they opted not to make beads, they really loved the tool kit. All the tools were of good quality and very useful. They did not stick to the clay, so you could use them easily without worrying about damaging your project. The girls, being creative little ones, found many ways to use the tools.

Kyla Cutting her Sculpey

The clay itself was easy enough for the girls to work with. It’s firm, so it was hard at first to get into the shapes they wanted, but with a little work and some body heat, they were able to shape it as needed. It kept its shape well, in large or small form.

As a mom, I love that Sculpey is not stickey. Not only does that make it easier to work with, but it keeps it from making a sticky mess of hands and my dinning room table. It also allows for small details to be made neatly.

Vada making a Sculpey guy

The girls both created little people, Vada made a little guy she imagined, and Kyla made the Hulk. I used the kit tools to make some beads. I love that you can twist the Sculpey together to make cool designs, I think I’ll use my two black and white beads to make some earrings.

Making Sculpey beads

Baking the creations was no problem at all, we used the baking pad provided in the bead kit to keep our creations from having flat spots, which would have been really bad for the beads. Everything came out wonderfully. I was quite pleased.

Kyla making a Sculpey Hulk

Here is what Vada thought of her Sculpey:
It was really fun. It was hard to think of what to do at first, but then I had an awesome time making all the stuff. The clay was sort of hard so it was easier to make it hold the shape.

Here is what Kyla thought of it:
It was fun and it stuck together really well so you can make your thing and it sticks together well. The clay was very hard, so it can stay in its form better. I like that you can make your own thing and it can stay that way once you bake it.

Sculpey creations

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