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Bring a Little Whimsy to Your Wardrobe With This Free Rainbow Shawl Crochet Pattern

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Inside: Skylark in Wonderland is a free rainbow shawl crochet pattern that creates a bird wing-like shawl in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Front side view of a dress form torso. Wrapped around its shoulders then behind its back in a way that resembles a top is a curved long crochet wrap or shawl resembling a bird wing in rainbow colors starting with purple and ending with blue.PinPin

The yarn for this design was provided by Frabjous Fibers. All opinions are my own.

This pattern was originally published on 2/26/2015. The most recent update was made on 12/15/2022.

Wrap yourself in a wonderfully unusual rainbow shawl that will make you feel like you’re in a dream. The Skylark in Wonderland Rainbow Shawl is a free crochet pattern that creates a bird wing-like shawl in a kaleidoscope of colors. This unique shawl is more than just a fashion statement, it’s a work of art that will add a special touch of whimsy to any outfit.

Front view of a dress form torso in a black leather coat. Draped around its shoulders is a curved long crochet wrap or shawl resembling a bird wing in rainbow colors starting with purple and ending with blue.Pin

After designing the Skylark scarf, I had a few ideas for a spin~off pattern. The opportunity to bring life to the idea came when I was contacted by Frabjous Fibers to make a version using 2 of their mini~skein packs of Mad Hatter (sport weight). It was a perfect pairing, and I am madly in love with the result!

Skylark in Wonderland

Crochet Pattern
Intermediate Skill Level
Designed by Jessie Rayot

Flay lay photo of a curved long crochet wrap or shawl resembling a bird wing in rainbow colors starting with purple and ending with blue.Pin



11.5″ tall, approx 67″ wingspan


Wonderland Yarns / Frabjous Fibers Mad Hatter Mini Skeins: (100% superwash merino), Size 2 – Fine/Sport, 86 yds / 28 g , (3.07 yds/g)

For the sample 10 mini skeins in the form of 2 sets were used for a total of 860 yds / 280 g. Those color sets no longer exist. There are currently many wonderful mini skein sets that will work with this pattern, even some that will make rainbows with anywhere from 8-20 mini skeins. Have fun with it!

Crochet Hook

US G/6, (4.0 mm)


Learn about gauge HERE
20 sts by 11 rows in 4″ in double crochet

Other Supplies

Yarn Needle

Stitches and Abbreviations

click on highlighted sts for tutorials
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
dc – double crochet
st(s) – stitch(es)
*optional stitches*
Fsc – foundation single crochet
Fhdc – foundation half double crochet
Fdc – foundation double crochet

Front view of a dress form torso in a black leather coat. Draped around its shoulders is a curved long crochet wrap or shawl resembling a bird wing in rainbow colors starting with purple and ending with blue.Pin

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Pattern Notes

  • Read through all instructions before beginning.
  • If your gauge is too large, you will not have enough yarn to complete each set of repeats for each color. There is only about 2 g of colors 2-9 left over when worked in the proper gauge.
  • The stitch count is at the end of each row after the period, usually only if the count has changed from the previous row. {count here}
  • Chs and sl sts are not included in stitch counts unless specified.

Rainbow Shawl Crochet Pattern

Row 1: With first color ch 103, turn, sc in second ch from hook and in the next 33 ch, hdc in the next 34 ch, dc in the last 34 ch.
Fsc 34, fhdc 34, fdc 34

Row 2: Ch 6, turn, dc in 4th ch from hook (the last 3 chains made count as the first dc), dc in next 2 ch, dc in next 30 sts, hdc in next 34 sts, sc in next 34 sts, skip 1, sc in next st, sk 1, hdc in last st. {104 sts}

Row 3: Turn, ch 1 (does not count as a st) skip first st, sc in next st, skip 1 st, sc in next st, (ch 1, skip 1, sc in next st) 16 times, (ch 1, skip 1, hdc in next st) 17 times, (ch 1, skip 1, dc in next st) 17 times. {102 sts}

Row 4: Ch 6, turn, dc in 4th ch from hook (the last 3 chains made count as the first dc), dc in next 2 ch, 2 dc in next 15 ch-1 spaces, 2 hdc in next 17ch-1 spaces, 2 sc in next 17 ch-1 spaces, sc in next ch-1 space, skip 1, hdc in last st. {104 sts}

Row 5: Turn, ch 1 (does not count as a st) skip first st, sc in next st, skip 1 st, sc in next 33 sts, hdc in next 34 sts, dc in last 34 sts. ~ {102 sts in this row}

Row 6: Ch 6, turn, dc in 4th ch from hook (the last 3 chains made count as the first dc), dc next 2 ch, dc in next 30 sts, hdc in next 34 sts, sc in next 34 sts, skip 1, sc in next st, skip 1, hdc in last st. {104 sts}

Repeat rows 3-6: once more (10 rows total so far).

**Switch to next color and repeat rows 3-6: three more times.

Repeat from ** until all colors are used.


  • Weave in all ends
  • Block piece

Happy Stitching!

Front view of a dress form torso in a black leather coat. Wrapped and tucked around its neck like a scarf is a long crochet wrap or shawl in rainbow colors starting with purple and ending with blue.Pin


Do I HAVE to use 10 mini skeins?

Nope. You can use less if you don’t mind the shawl being smaller. You can also use regular skeins. The sample used 860 yds / 280 g of size 2 yarn.

Can I change the size?

Sure. Repeat rows 3-6 as few or as many times as you want to get the size you would like.

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59 thoughts on “Bring a Little Whimsy to Your Wardrobe With This Free Rainbow Shawl Crochet Pattern”

  1. I love this shaw pattern, looks like it would fairly easy. How about some other color combinations, does anyone have some? I have so many crochet and knit project and I keep finding more. Please Help.
    Thanks, Janet

    • If you take a look at the yarn site linked in the pattern, you will see a lot of color options. You just need 2 of the Mad Hatter Mini Skein packs. 🙂

  2. You patterns are absolutely wonderful. It is so wonderful that you are allowing us to make some of your pieces. So very nice!

  3. Jessie, you are so talented! My favorite thing in the crochet world is shawls! I can’t get enough! But, I am so slow now, when I crochet, because of a chronic illness that affects me in many ways… Neurological issues affect memory, I have to concentrate really hard on pqttern changes and cannot keep count. If I dont stick to one stitch for an entire row My brain fatigues to the point that I cant stay awake. I only get a few rows completed before I fall asleep. It doesnt get better for days, and I have to put the project away. I also have lost my coordination, motor skills and fine motor skills. I am as clumbsy crocheting now as a toddler trying to learn to crochet.. I have to concentrate really hard. The more physical use of my hands (changing colors, crocheting over tails,) make my hands swell, tendonitis issues flare, and pain levels go through the roof.
    Sadly, I haven’t been able to continue work on my beloved Skylark shawl that I was crafting using the original pattern with the beautiful, but fine yarn you used. Just to tiny for me to handle. It makes me so sad!
    Now, this shawl, with the easier color change (blocks of color without the two strips of another color) makes it possible for me to maybe concentrate on the stitch changes per row, and I’m very excited! I will need to use a medium weight yarn, and the larger size of shawl I’ll end up with is ok. I’m bedridden, and the more cozy the better! So I am really excited about this new version!
    One question: which of those colors is at the beginning of the shawl? I need to know for point of reference and color placement. I only went into such a long description of my health issues that affect my crochet because I wanted to let you know that this new pattern, which you are offering for free, is making it possible for ill and handicapped crocheters to craft a version of Skylark, that beautiful shawl, for themselves! It boosts our spirits! Thank you so much, and I will be purchasing some yarn and supplies from your offers here, to support you in your selfless spirit of giving. You rock!

    • Maschelle, thank you for your kind words! I am so glad you have found a way to make the shawl that will work for you.

      I started my shawl with a deep pink, then went to red, and continued in rainbow order. If you are on Facebook, I would love for you to join my group (it is linked toward the bottom of the post) and share pictures.

      Thanks again, your reply has made me quite happy.

  4. I am trying to attempt the Jullette Shawl. I just started it and Im trying to understand the rows…is row one only a few stitches or do you work it thru the 87 double crochets???Can you explain if the rows work all around the 87 stitches or is it only partial rows? My brain cant grasp it..lolol

    • The rows start small and get bigger. Basically, you make a neck opening round, and you then work a triangular shawl into the round, so each row adds a few more stitches from the neck. Sometimes you go all the way around, and those are labeled row/round. If you follow the pattern as it is written, turning when it says, and using markers as it says, you should be fine.

  5. Thank you for the Skylark pattern now I have to figure out colors! I’m kind of a woodsy colors so will have to see . Thanks,Pat

    • What cart? I don’t have a cart on this site. If you are talking about on Craftsy, you just check out. If the patterns are free, you will not be charged, you will not be sent to PayPal. At that point, Craftsy will give you the downloads. Just follow along there.

  6. Hi! I love your pattern! What would you suggest to make it smaller? I’m 5’2 petite and this pattern as is I fear would swallow me.

    • Just don’t repeat as many times. It’s a 4 row repeat, so you can make it as big or small as you want. It is only about 12″ wide, so that should not be a problem, and the length is determined by how many times to make the 4 row repeat.

  7. Hi. I love this pattern and have 10 colors of Classic Elite Firefly that I am going to use for it. I just started and am confused by the stitch count/instructions. After row 1 there are 102 sts. Row 2 is confusing me – after “Ch 6, turn, DC in 4th ch from hook”, it says “dc in next 2 ch” (there are no chains from the previous row – just sc, hdc and dc), then DC in 30, hdc in 34, sc in 34 – that uses all the 102 stitches, but there is still “skip 1, sc in next, sk 1, hdc in next – that is supposed to be 104 stitches, but seems like it would be 106. The counts don’t match and I don’t know where to work those last 4 (sk, sc, sk, hdc). Since this row pretty much repeats every other row, I need to understand what it is supposed to do. Do you have a video by any chance for these 2 rows or can you explain it so I understand, please?
    I’m really looking forward to making this as well as the Skylark Scarf and Juliette Shawl. Your designs are beautiful.

    • So the two chains is in the other two chains you just made, you end up with three dc and the chain to make four before the start of the row. When you get to the sk1, sc, sk1, hdc, you should have four stitches left. You should always hdc in the very last stitch. I hope this helped!

  8. Never mind my previous comment and question. I was in the shower and I guess the water cleaned out the ol’ brain cells. I get it now. On my way to making this gorgeous scarf.

    • I was just about to explain it all, I’m glad you got it. Sometimes my brain doesn’t work so well pre~shower, so I know what you mean! 😉 Have fun.

  9. This is so like the knitted Danish tie shawl and I’ve been looking for a crochet pattern similar for a couple of years. Great job. I am a handspinner, so it will be fun to some up with some yarns for this project!

    I’m not on Facebook, so I’ll just have to say my “Thanks” here 🙂 T.

    • Thank you! If you post pictures somewhere, feel free to pop back here and let me know where to find them. I love seeing what people create with my patterns.

  10. Maybe I need to take a shower like Cathie B. But I don’t understand your second row on the Skylark. My count is off at the end of the row. I’ve done it several times and I only have no stitches left to skip 1, single crochet, skip one, hdc. Sorry I just don’t get it. Help please. Really want to make your pretty shawl.

    • Lol! In case the shower didn’t work, let’s see if I can help. 😉

      After the first row you will have 34 sc, 34 hdc, 34 dc.

      You will finish the first row and NOT turn yet. For the second row you ch 6 and THEN turn. Next you dc in the 4th, 5th & 6th ch from the hook. This will effectively add on 4 dc (as the turning ch counts as a dc). Now you dc in the next 30 sts, hdc in the next 34 st, and sc in the next 34 st. You will have 4 sts left. You skip the first, sc in the second, skip the third, and hdc in the last.

      Hopefully that helps.

      • Omg! Think my brain took a trip to la la land for a while. Thank you so much for helping it return. You are the best. Please keep making these great creations. Take care and be well.

          • I’m having trouble with the counts too. I seem to be counting too many at the end of my rows, but the pattern seems to be working up the proper shape?? I’m still pretty new to crochet so I must not be adding some things together that make it all click. I feel 95% sure I’m crocheting in all the right stitches though.

  11. Hi Jessie – I really love this shawl – it reminds me of the Danish Tie Shawl that was on the cover of Spin-off a couple of years ago, and I have been looking for a crocheted version ever since that time. Yes, I am a spinner of yarn – and my guild decided that we should have a “spin-along” and then do a Knit (or Crochet) along to make ourselves a poncho. Well, I was very enthusiastic about this project to start off, I even had a perfect bunch of roving to make my yarn. Which I have been making – grey wool with teal mohair combed in – then I decided to do some “ombre” work and mixed in some other nice roving in blue and teal and green – it’s been a fun project – then, all of a sudden, I realized – why was I making a poncho – I would never wear a poncho – I hate ponchos – project screeched to a halt until I saw your lovely Skylark Shawl. Now that I’m back on track, I have az question for you – I am a plus sized lady and I’d really like to make sure that this shawl is going to be sized correctly – do you have any tips – do I want to start with a longer chain to begin – or what. I’d appreciate your help – I’m also thinking about adding a hood – any ideas? Thanks a bunch. Tina T-P

    • If you look at the picture of the shawl laying flat you will see it is sort of wing shaped. If you want it to be longer, you can either use a larger gauge, or you can add stitches. It is crocheted at an angle, so the math will not be fun. You could add 15 or 30 stitches to start, adding 5 or 10 of each kind of st to each row (there are sets of sc, hdc, and dc in each row). That should add about 2 or 4 inches to the length, and a lot of yarn to the finished amount. You can make it longer by just repeating the 4 row repeat more times.

      I’m not sure how you would add a hood as it is not a cape, and it would greatly reduce the amount of ways you could wear it.

  12. Hi Jessie, I have several of your patterns I’m going to make, this is the one I’m doing next (now). Like some other people, I’m sure, I don’t have the funds to get more yarn but I have some in a stash. I know about substituting and all I have enough of for something like this is Caron’s Simply Soft in many colors that would look great – BUT I know the weight is wrong! What exactly would happen here if I use it, would it simply be twice as big as normal? I’m on row 3 and this is what I see happening, which to me wouldn’t be the end of the world, I wear 2X. While I don’t want this to be a long coat, lol, I like it well enough to have a really long piece. Before I go any further tho, is there any stitch count reduction you can suggest tome that would keep this thing a little smaller, but looking enough like the pattern for me to use this yarn? I love the piece and appreciate all of your free knowledge and wonderful patterns!

    • It shouldn’t double the size. It really depends on your gauge. I honestly can’t give you a good answer without writing a new pattern in your gauge. All I can say if is you want it to be smaller, you can make it with 15 less sts each row by removing 5 of each kind of st from each row.

      • Thx Jessie, I’m going to follow your suggestion of reducing stitches per row with the Caron’s, and I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thx for the reply!

    • Yes, I did, the link to the yarn is in the post. There really isn’t anything I can do if they don’t deliver to you. I’m not part of that company. You can look up the yarn I used (listed in the pattern) and see if there is a seller that does deliver to you.

      • Is not they don’t delivery to me.
        Is they didn’t reply me any letter and I have already pay on visa from their website.
        So I dont know what can I do now!! By the way thanks for your helping !!^^

        And I am sorry that my English is not very wall.^^

  13. I love the patern, but I have trouble with row 4. To me it looks like you out 2 dc/ hdc/ sc in one ch, but doesn’t it makes the row smaller than row 3. Please explain…

    • If you made it through row 2, row 4 is basically the same, but you put 2 sts in the ch sps and skip the sts between the ch sps. Just take it one step at a time. Be sure your st count for row 3 is correct before starting row 4.

      • Call be a newby with acronyms, but what are sts, ch sps

        What I understand is this
        You make 2 dc/ hdc/ sc in the spaces I’ve made in row 3 and skip the ch. Is this correct?

        • The spaces are the chains, the abbreviation are listed at the beginning of the pattern. Make sure to read through the whole pattern (including the beginning) before starting. Just go one step at a time. If you want more help, you should join the facebook group listed in the pattern and post a photo of where you are stuck with a clear description of what is confusing you. I can’t really help you more without photos.

  14. Hey Jess….I’ve been following your beautiful work for awhile now…you’ve been blessed!!! And thanks for sharing it with us! I was thinking about doing this in the new Caron Cakes yarn….what do you think?


  15. I just downloaded this pattern and am wondering why you are carrying colors under opposite color instead of cutting the yarn. Is this to help with shape and stability or to just save from weaving in ends?

      • Maybe this is terminology I am not familiar with but throughout the pattern it states” carrying color B/A under the stitch” I thought that meant that you are to carry the yarn not being crocheted
        at the time along with the one in use and crochet it on top of the row being worked.

        • I don’t see that anywhere in this pattern, are you sure you are commenting on the pattern you are using? Maybe you are using the regular Skylark pattern (NOT Skylark in wonderland) in which case there is yarn carried under about 4 sts of many of the rows, but not under ALL the sts.

          • Sorry to have bothered you. The pattern I downloaded is called Skylark scarf. I understand what you are saying now

          • No bother, I just was confused because I didn’t realize that was the pattern you were using at first. Yes, you do carry the yarn for a few stitches in that pattern, so that you don’t have so many ends to weave in.

  16. I really like this pattern, and wonder if using a Scheepjes Riverwashed/ Stonewashed colorpack would work with this? I’d be very excited to give it a try, but I’m just wondering if I have enough yarn. The balls are .35oz/26gr each and I have 100 of them.

    • It should work for pretty much any yarn. If your gauge is off, then the finished size will be different, same goes for if you use a different amount of yarn.


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