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Super Scarves – free crochet patterns for these trendy scarves!

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Super Scarves are here to stay, so embrace the warmth! Personally, I’ve always been a fan of over-sized scarves, as I am an even bigger fan of being warm. So I’ve poked around the internet and found some of my favorite super scarves to share with you today!


Here are the names and links of each pattern.

1) A Beginner’s Super Scarf by Underground Crafter
I designed this scarf with a dedicated beginner (or, a devoted streaming tv fan) in mind. After the edging rows, you will do lots and lots (and lots — it’s a super scarf, after all!) of repeats of the pattern. But, you’ll get a fabulous (and reversible) unisex mock bobble texture without having to actually make bobbles.

2)  A Poppy in a Storm by Cre8tion Crochet
Super Scarves are wildly popular for this Fall and Winter Season. A Poppy in the Storm looks great in one color, two colors, or more. There are no limits when it comes to this mega scarf.

3) September Jewel Super Scarf By Elena Hunt
Amazing to wear and and easy to make… My September Jewel Super Scarf is part of Red Heart’s Joy Creators Blog Hop for September!

4) A Wavy Shade of Winter by Goddess Crochet
Somewhere in between a scarf and a wrap, this trending fashion accessory will keep you warm all season long.

5) Flower Motif Wrap by Kim Guzman
This super scarf is made of granny squares and has a fun fringe!

6) Coraline in Rome by Celina Lane
This stunning Coraline in Rome super scarf crochet pattern was inspired by thoughts of Grace Kelly and Coraline in Rome.

7) Glitter and Gleam by Jessie Rayot
The Glitter and Gleam Super Scarf features wide stripes of Tunisian drop stitch to create a light and flowing fabric.

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