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Tutorials to come…

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Just a quick post this evening to let you know that I am planning some tutorials. I just took tons o’ snaps of the flower-to-hexagon pattern I came up with for the girls’ blankets. I will be writing that tutorial first. I’m also planning some more for the Christmas goodies I am putting together, and another series for my dry mix recipes. As far as I can tell there is no way to make “pages” here on Blogger, as I have seen on some other blog sites, so I will just be posting the tutorials as I would any other post and then tossing a box up on the right side here with all the links to the various tutorials. I’m very excited to share my creativity, as I have truly enjoyed what has been shared by so many others.

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  1. I am having a very hard time understanding the 1st. & 2nd rows ofyour pattern of Scrappy Scoodie. Hope you can help. Thank you


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