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What a day!

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Wow! What a day it’s been. I was hoping to get an old pattern polished up and posted for you today, but it’s starting to look like that’s just not going to happen. I do have two or three sitting around just waiting for a little bit of editing. I hope to get some up by the end of this month. Of course, I already told you about the other exciting things happening this month. Like the start of the Stitchopedia. This set of three picot flowers and a cute little picot leaf will be part of the Stitchopedia, in the embellishment section.


As for my crazy day today… I got the girls to school, ran to the market, and got all the groceries put away by 10 AM. Then I went downstairs into my little work room to do some organizing. My accountant (I love my accountant, she’s awesome!) just finished up my taxes, so it was time to box up all of last year’s receipt and tax stuff. Then, of course, I seemed to have accumulated a rather large pile o’ random paperwork. By the time I had put a reasonable dent in the pile, it was after noon already. So I had lunch, went back downstairs, rearrange some lighting, and made a nice little set up to make videos for you. I managed to get about an hour of crocheting in before it was time to pick up the girls.

After school, the girls and I went to the downtown area of our town, to sell some Girl Scout cookies! We went to my eye doctor, the real estate agency that helped us by our house, and a few other places. The girls wanted to stop in the town hall, so we did. A nice woman there told us that they had already bought a bunch of Girl Scout cookies, and she was very sorry. Vada gave her a big hug, and said, “it’s OK, I still love you.”

We sold eight boxes of cookies at the town hall.

By the time we home and did homework, it was dinner time. And then there was shower time, and reading time, and study spelling time, and suddenly it was bedtime.

So, yeah, it’s been a busy day today. But I’m all organized, and ready to get the Stitchopedia up and running before the month is over.


Before I let you go, I’ll share a little of my weekend. Saturday morning I slept in, it was nice. When I got up I saw that Kyla had dressed her little kitty, Purr. Now she was Princess Purr.

The girls had been up for a while, so they were wide awake and happy, where as I still needed my coffee. This is what they look like to me in the morning.


Sunday was my yarn day over at InsaniTea. I got in to discovered that Ingrid was having the same kind of weekend as me. Sometimes you have to look at what life gives you, and just laugh.


Alright my friends, I’ll talk to you more in the next day or two. But it’s getting late, and I feel the need crochet something.


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