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Winter Animals to crochet -Rawrrr (or awwwww) the winter away!

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Winter Animals are so adorable. They’re usually so fuzzy, fluffy, furry, or feathery. In crochet they become the most cuddly little critters! A real polar bear or moose may be scary, and a penguin may skitter away when you go in for a hug. However, these crochet cuties will always want your love.

Winter Animals to crochet - free crochet pattern round up from Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links to seven free Winter Animals patterns.

1) Moose Amigurumi by Spin a Yarn Crochet
“I thought this moosey-guy, who is looking so cozy in his buffalo plaid sweater, would be a great pattern to start the new year!”

2) Free Crochet Mini Penguin Pattern by Grace and Yarn
“If we’re allowed to pick favorites, then Penny might just be it! I love her sparkly cheeks and bright orange beak. Her details were really fun to put together all while still keeping the sewing minimal.”

3) Bruno the Bear by Blackstone Designs
“Bruno the Bear is a fun and simple teddy bear that can bring a little love and comfort to someone special! He’s also quick to work up, so it’s easy to make many for gifts or donations!”

4) Wise Old Owl Crochet C2C Graph by Winding Road Crochet
“The Wise Old Owl is the last to arrive to the Winter Celebration. His old bones may ache but he would never miss spending time in peace and harmony with his woodland friends. Perched up high he watches as everyone jumps and plays around a decorated tree.”

5) Penguin Pal by Divine Debris
“I’m starting the year strong with this super cute ami pattern. I love penguins, they’re so cute. I’m not joking, I have a sign on my wall that says “let it snow” and it has a cute penguin on it and it stays up year-round.”

6) Owlet Lovey – a sweet crochet pattern for the little one you love by Jessie At Home
“I’ve always found lovies rather adorable. The mix of blankie and stuffie is just too cute for words. So, without further ado, here is my little tutorial for a crocheted owlet lovey.”

7) Simple Amigurumi Penguin by Jen Hayes Creations
“Today’s Simple Amigurumi Penguin was originally going to be a design for a cat! However, while I was fiddling around with how exactly I wanted to create the face, I looked down at it, and it was no longer a cat, it was a penguin! It begged to be a penguin. I obliged, so today we have the Simple Amigurumi Penguin!”

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Winter Animals to crochet -Rawrrr (or awwwww) the winter away!

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