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This past January I had the pleasure of meeting some of the awesome people behind ArtiSands and taking a look at a lot of their products. I was very impressed. You can find ArtiSands online HERE. They are so awesome that they have set up a 25% off coupon code for you for a whole MONTH!!! At that price you should stock up for gifts! The code is:

[email protected]

And it expires on April 30th, 2017.

They were also kind enough to send a kit for each of the girls to try out, and the kits fit the girls perfectly! Desert Creepers for Vada, and Fantasy for Kyla.

Cool kits from ArtiSands!

One of the first things that made me fall in love with this product is that the sand is not in baggies. It’s in little plastic tubes with a red stopper at the top. You remove the stopper and pour out the sand you need, then you put the stopper back in. It is so much neater this way! Serious Mommy points for them.

ArtiSands sand refills

Here you can see Vada teaching us how to use the kits. The pictures come with all the various sections as stickers. First you peal off the sticker on the section you want to color. Next you pour the sand on the sticky bit and rub it in with your finger. Then you shake it off (tray to shake into is included in kit!) and you have a lovely colored section!

ArtiSands How To on Jessie At Home

This is Vada’s first finished creation. Isn’t it fun!

Vada's ArtiSands Scorpian

Kyla and I made a Facebook video to show how to use the kit as well, take a look.

Here is Kyla’s first finished creation!

Kyla's ArtiSands Unicorn

The kit even includes one card with slits for a finished piece so you can make your own card for a loved one!

ArtiSands card

Here are a few of Kyla’s finished pieces.

Some of Kyla's ArtiSands creations

Here are a few of Vada’s.

Some of Vada's ArtiSands creations

As we were using the kits, I asked the girls all about them, here is what they had to say.

Vada: I think it’s really cool. I like that it doesn’t have to be a specific color. I like it because it can be any color and it’s messy a little. you should definitely try it!

Kyla: I think it’s really really cool and I love it and it’s the best. I like that you  get to pick the picture and you get to see the picture as you make it, and there’s a space unicorn! I like that you use sand. I love that it doesn’t just have 2 pictures. ArtiSands is the best!

So there you have it, a very enthusiastic approval rating from two crafty 9 year olds! Hop on over the the ArtiSands site and pick up some kits for your favorite little artists. Don’t forget to use the coupon code!!

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