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Attack of the Girl Scout Cookies

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Oh, the dangers of being a Daisy leader! Last weekend our GS Cookie troop order came in, and my house was over run!


One of the other leaders, two other moms, and I, loaded up our vehicles and brought all the cases over to my house.


As you can see, the dining table was quickly stacked high with cases of cookies ~ 12 boxes per case.

Girl-Scout-Cookies-in the living-room

Even the coffee table was fair game!


The piano bench became the spot to sort out each girl’s order. We opened up the cases and repacked them as needed for each girl, then wrote the girl’s name on the top of the case.


Of course, this type of work requires a Box o’ Joe, and some donuts!


As each girl’s order was repackaged, they were stacked in the hall, ready for pick up.


That’s a lot of stacks of cookies.


Even some by the door for those I new were coming by later that evening.


As I said before, the cases have 12 boxes each. So when we placed our troop order, we had to add all the orders for each kind of cookie, divide by 12, round up to the next whole number, and order the cookies by the case.  This means we end up ordering extras of most of the cookies. So, here we have the extras. Of course, by now there is just one case left. It’s not hard to unload extra girl scout cookies. We are thinking that next year we may even want to order an extra case of some of the more popular cookies, as we are still getting requests in for cookies that we are out of.

Well, off to finish up a skirt I want to photograph this weekend. I should have some fun snaps for you on Monday. I will also be announcing two knit tests on Monday. I am running my tests on Facebook now. If you would like to test for me, knit or crochet, then go ahead and join this group.

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Easter to those of you who do Easter!


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