A video “how to” for my Ball of Ladders wrap.

The yarn used in this video was provided by Lion Brand.

Stitchopedia - Ball of Ladders Video

The Ball of Ladders wrap is actually a very easy wrap with just a few set up rows and then a two row repeat. This video will help you get to the repeat section and succeed in creating your own Ball of Ladders Wrap. Find the full pattern HERE.

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5 Comments on Ball of Ladders Video

  1. Why do all of the free patterns require a download, and an install, that puts new tabs in my browser and always messes up everything I have bookmarked. Also after I do it, it usually doesn’t work. just asking, and for the record it’s all the sites, including Ravellry, not just this one.

    • You can’t download the pattern from this page, so I’m not sure what you are speaking of. The pattern is free and right there on the page, and if you want the PDF, it’s $2 through Craftsy, Ravelry, or Etsy.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to make this video…… thoroughly looking forward to starting this project. I do have a question and that is how many rows in this pattern. Thank you.

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