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Bath Pouf in two sizes – Spa Set

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I love using my bath pouf, but I am always buying new ones. They either stretch out, or I just feel like I have had them long enough and they are no longer “clean.” That is why I am so fond of these crocheted versions. Just toss them in with the towels on laundry day, and they are ready to keep on cleaning! Such a money saver. Plus, they feel even better then the nylon net variety. Grab some cotton yarn and hook yourself a spa day!


The first pouf I made was a bit bigger then I wanted, but I know that some people like them like that. So I kept that pattern and edited for a medium sized version as well. Both sizes are included in the pattern. The large works up to be about 4″ across, and the medium works up to be about 3″ across.

OK, I am aware there are about a million of these patterns out there. The reason I am writing my own is because I am making a series of spa set patterns. When all the patterns are done, I will put up a post with links to all of the patterns.


100% cotton worsted weight yarn, (samples were made with Lily Sugar ‘n Cream)


US H (5.0 mm) (**EDIT 11/9/13, Rosie, one of my awesome fans, suggests using an I hook to make the pouf fluffy and soft!)

Other Notions:

Yarn needle for weaving in ends

Stitches and Abbreviations used:

sl st ~ slip stitch
ch ~ chain
hdc ~ half double crochet
dc ~ double crochet
rnd ~ round
beg ~ beginning
st(s) ~ stitch(es)

Both sizes start the same: ch 35, sl st to first ch (this is the hanging loop), ch 3, sl st to first ch (this is the ring you will be working into for the first round



Rnd 1: ch2 (counts as first hdc) 11hc into ring, sl st to top of beg ch2 (12hdc)


Rnd 2: ch2 (counts as first hdc) 6hdc into each st around (12 sets of 6hdc), sl st to top of beg ch2



Rnd 3: ch2 (counts as first hdc) 6hdc into each st around, sl st to top of beg ch2, clip yarn and weave in ends


Rnd 1: ch3 (counts as first dc) 13dc into ring, sl st to top of beg ch3 (14dc)


Rnd 2: ch3 (counts as first dc) 7dc into each st around (14 sets of 7dc), sl st to top of beg ch3


Rnd 3: ch2 (counts as first hdc) 7hdc into each st around, sl st to top of beg ch2, clip yarn and weave in ends


Now scrubba~scrubba~scrubba

Find all the patterns in my Spa Set here.

To find a printer friendly version of this pattern (text only, in black, no photos) click here. This will bring you to the listing for the entire spa set on Craftsy, where you can also find printer friendly versions of all my free patterns, and where you can purchase my sale patterns.



7 thoughts on “Bath Pouf in two sizes – Spa Set”

  1. Hi, thanks for the tutorial. May I ask will the cotton yarn absorb all the water n bath foam? I tried making a bath scrubbie with 100% acrylic, it turned out scratchy, absorbed all my bath foam 🙁

    • I highly recommend using only 100% cotton yarn for bath products. It works well, is soft, is easily cleanable, and creates an nice foam.

  2. Love the patterns in your spa set. I have been crocheting for a while and love to find fun patterns that are quick and easy for gifts. I use the sugar and cream yarn for almost everything. It is perfect for the bath sets
    Thanks again for the free patterns

  3. I love making the bath poufs. I’ve made several as gifts. I’ve also made a couple of gift baskets with poufs, soap savers, wash cloths,& back scrubbers that I color coordinated along with candles, nice soaps, body wash & lotion. Truly a spa treat in a basket. Everyone has loved them.


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