We had quite a fun time yesterday! Vada’s “best” friend (she actually has 3 or 4 of them,) Izabel, was over. Iz abel’s mom had to go into work at the movie theatre from 12 to 4. So she asked if we could watch Izabel for that time. She also said we could all go over to the theatre and watch “Escape from Planet Earth” for some of the time. The movie was set to get out at the same time as Izabel’s mom was finishing her shift.

Play date and movie? Sure! Kyla and Vada were very excited about time with Izabel. We picked up some wood decorations to color at A.C.Moore. The girls enjoyed coloring them!


Izabel brought over a game, and after the coloring, she taught the twins how to play.


Izabel was a great teacher!


The movie was very good as well. It was a very successful play date/babysitting. Izabel is a great little girl, I would love to have her over here more often!

So…on the crafty front. A member of one of the crochet groups I am in shared this pattern today.

I have been thinking about displaying my hats at InsaniTea and at craft fairs, and also having head forms to photograph them on. That was a rather expensive prospect. However, thanks to Nan Lucy over on Etsy, I now have a better option. So I went ahead and bought the set of all the sizes, and am about to embark on my “head form adventure.” I will keep you posted as I go along! I will post photos, but I will be careful not to post anything that will give the pattern, as it is not my pattern to give.


For now, here is the first swatch. It is 4 stitches and 4 rows to the inch with a 4.00mm hook, which should make the newborn size head form just right! Wish me luck!


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