Boutique Fur Pom Pom Tutorial from Jessie At Home

These super fuzzy and soft Boutique Fur pom poms are the easiest pom poms you will ever make. You don’t have to clip and shape them! Once you make one, you won’t be able to stop, you’ll be thinking of 101 uses for them so you can just keep making more.

All you will need for supplies are:
1 yard Red Heart Boutique Fur yarn in color of your choice
1 foot of scrap yarn (such as Red Heart Super Saver) in a matching color

Supplies for Pom Pom

Wrap your Boutique Fur yarn around 3 fingers until all the yarn is wrapped. If you want a smaller pom pom, wrap it around just 2 fingers and use about 24 to 30 inches of the fur yarn.

Wrapping Pom Pom

Carefully slide the yarn off your fingers and onto your work surface, still wrapped. Slide the scrap yarn under the middle of the wrap and tie it tight around the wrap. Be sure to tie it tight!

Tying Pom Pom

Fluff!! That’s all. Use the ends of the scrap yarn to attach your Boutique Fur pom pom to just about anything!

Finished Pom Pom

Well, that’s all. I told you it would be easy!!

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  1. Saw your Pom Pom “hack” as the Tip of the Week on Moogly and followed the link here. Great idea, thank you for sharing!!!

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