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Celtic Weave: Crochet Cable Tutorial

The Celtic Weave stitch creates a diagonal weave look using post stitches. It is just a two row repeat that can be easily memorized. It adds great texture to your projects. Once you get this stitch down, you’ll be using it everywhere!

Stitchopedia Celtic Weave from Jessie At Home

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Plaited Cable: Crochet Cable Tutorial

Today’s Stitchopedia will be how to make a crochet Plaited Cable. It is a post stitch cable worked over single crochet that looks like a braid or plait. This post contains written instructions, a chart and a video. The Plaited Cable makes a great accent on a bag or hat, or a variety of other projects.

Stitchopedia Plaited Cable from Jessie At Home

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Horseshoe Cable: Crochet Cable Tutorial

Today’s Stitchopedia will be how to make a crochet horseshoe cable. This post contains a chart and video. The horseshoe cable is an is an intriguing cable that is basically two opposite cables pushed next to each other. The horseshoe cable was actually the first knit cable I learned, I really liked it and found it easy to incorporate into my projects. That is the inspiration for this, how to make a crochet horseshoe cable post. Of course I still love making it in knit, but today it’s crochet! If you need a refresher on crochet cables, you can find that HERE, and if you need some help with post stitches, you can find that HERE. Have fun!

Stitchopedia Horseshoe Cable from Jessie At Home

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Braid Cable: Crochet Cable Tutorial

“Braid cable you say? Oh I,ll never be able to do that!” Well I say, balderdash! You can do it! Today I will walk you though all the steps in my easy to follow braid cable video, with written instructions and even a braid cable chart. So lets get started and blast your skill level to new heights! Braid cable awayyyyyy!

Stitchopedia Braid Cable from Jessie At Home

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Owl Cable: Crochet Cable Tutorial

Okay, I am having way to much fun here and just smiling like crazy! This guy is just such a fun pattern. Here’s how to do it with a video included. Crochet and smiles, it doesn’t get any better!

Stitchopedia Owl Cable from Jessie At Home

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Post Stitch Crochet Cables

Here you will learn how to make left leaning and right leaning post stitch crochet cables, over 2 sts or over 4 sts. I have written the instructions, included lots of process photos, and a video. I have also written and charted a sample piece for you to try out your new skill. Once you know these basics for cables, you will be able to tackle most post stitch cable pattern!

Stitchopedia~Crochet Post Stitch Cables over 2 & 4 stitches

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