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Cozy Spirit CAL Intro – Crochet Along with Knit Pal Yarn

The Cozy Spirit CAL will take place over six weeks, starting with this intro, and then continuing with 3 parts of the pattern every other week. Knit Pal yarn can be ordered in your collegiate colors so you can show your spirit anywhere you go! I used my kids’ school colors. Even in cold NJ fall and winters, I’ll be showing my school spirit when I cheer them on in whatever they do!

Don’t miss the coupon code and giveaway in this post!

Cozy Spirit CAL crochet pattern by Jessie At Home - Intro Pin 1
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A modern knit ruff pattern for a modern knitter – Rainbow Ruffle Cowl

Want a modern knit ruff? Well, the Rainbow Ruff Cowl is my fun little mix of a Elizabethan ruff and my knit Jacob’s ladder patterns. Plus it’s rainbow, so it’s even better! This pattern starts with a long garter stitch rectangle that’s seamed together. Next stitches are dropped and looped in bunches to gather the cowl.

At the end of this pattern is a chance to win a giveaway of the yarn needed for this pattern. Giveaway ends January 1st, 2020.

Rainbow Ruffle Cowl - modern knit ruff pattern by Jessie At Home
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Flower Granny Square Bloom Crochet Scarf – a great way to show off your favorite ombre yarn!

The Flower Granny Square Bloom Crochet Scarf is big and warm and squishy and cozy. Winters can get quite cold here in North Eastern USA and this is a great way to keep warm while making a statement. That statement is “Summer will come back with its pretty blooms and I am ready!” The ombre yarn gives this pattern more detail without having a million and one ends to weave in.

Flower Granny Square Bloom Crochet Scarf free crochet pattern by Jessie At Home
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Modern Granny Square Cowl – a fresh take on a traditional crochet pattern.

The Modern Granny Square Cowl features large and small granny squares joined together to make a button front cowl. This cowl keeps your neck and front warm, making it perfect to pair with v-neck coats. Use the colors listed to hearken to spring, or change up the colors for your own style. If you want to make this smaller, then just use the worsted weight Berroco Vintage yarn and a coordinating hook.

Modern Granny Square Cowl free crochet pattern by Jessie At Home
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Loopy Love – A Free Jacob’s Ladder Crochet Pattern You Will Adore

I think you know by now that I love the Jacob’s Ladder crochet pattern, as I use it quite a bit. The texture is so fun! In this cowl I have turned the ladder on its side and buttoned it closed for an added detail. As designed, this cowl is best worn with a tuck to make it lay flat in front so it fills in the neck of your coat and keeps you toasty warm. However, you can also make it longer so it can double, or shorter to be tighter around your neck.

Loopy Love - free Jacob's Ladder Crochet Pattern by Jessie At Home
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Scarf Squared – Half Double Crochet C2C Box Stitch Tutorial

Traditionally the Corner to Corner (C2C) Box Stitch is made with double crochet, but it can also be made with half double crochet to make the squares smaller. C2C has become a hot stitch over the past few years. It can be used to make a square or rectangle of any size with pretty much any yarn. Plus it is made of blocks so it can be used to create graphed images, and if made with half double crochet the boxes are a little smaller so a graph with more squares can be used. Once you have this stitch down you can take a graphed image (such as a cross stitch pattern) and crochet it. So cool!!

Scarf Squared Half Double Crochet C2C Box Stitch Tutorial - free crochet pattern and tutorial by Jessie At Home
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