That’s what I have done, in an attempt to get a few non~pattern items into my Etsy shop.

I am hopeful that once I get a decent inventory I will be able to contribute to our down payment fund. I haven’t done much for advertising yet, I will think more on that once I have more to sell. I don’t really want to spend money on the advertising, so I am going to have to get creative. I’ve been enjoying crocheting the days away. Though the motivation to get it done is a bit stressful. I put a small  inventory for sale at InsaniTea, also.


I do plan on getting back to the patterns on Wednesday. The pattern I am working on right now is the faerie coat, and it should take a good week to finish making Vada’s and editing the pattern as I go. Then I still need to have it tested in the other sizes, which should take about a month (ugg). At least once it is being tested I can go onto making my next pattern.


The pattern writing is taking longer then I would like, as I have to make every pattern at least once before I can start testing it, if I want the testing to go smoothly. At least with the items that have various sizes I only have to make one size to get the pattern written, then I can rely on my yarn and math skills to get the other sizes down for testers.

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of a few of this weeks creations. You can take a look at my Etsy store to see more.

Have a great week my friends!!

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