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Cross Stitch Tips and Tricks – Make life easier and projects more professional!

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Cross stitch tips and tricks sometimes seem like closely held secrets. Well I’ve decided to share mine with you today. I’ve been working on a plastic canvas ornaments kit with my daughter, Vada. As I gave her tips, I made notes to share with you.

Cross Stitch Tips and Tricks

The product used in this post was provided by Design Works. All opinions are my own.

Cross Stitch Tips and Tricks - kit parts

This set of cross stitch tips is geared towards plastic canvas kits, but all the tips work for pretty much any cross stitch.

When you begin a new cross stitch, the first thing you want to do is make sure you have all your parts. If you have a kit such as this one make sure you have everything listed and collect any additional supplies listed. Scissors aren’t always listed, but you will want a sharp pair of small scissors or thread clips.

Cross Stitch Tips and Tricks - sorting thread

Now that you have all your parts, my next cross stitch tip is to organize your thread. In kits the thread is usually cut to usable lengths and the color key lists how many pieces you should have of each color. In the photo above I have put clear tape down the side of the paper next to the key. Next I punched a hole for each color. As I pulled each color out, I looped them into the holes in the same order as the color key.

Embroidery thread is six strands. Your directions will tell you how many strands to use. Most of the time 2 strands are used for the cross stitches and 1 strand is used for back stitches.

Cross Stitch Tips and Tricks - Vada's Santa

This cross stitch tip is one that will really improve the look of your finished piece. Always make your first part of your stitch in the same direction. So, on the piece below I started each stitch with the cross that went from bottom right to top left. I may have started on the top or bottom, but the first stitch of each cross always leaned in the same direction.

You do this because the stitches catch the light differently based on which way the top stitch of each cross leans, so you want them all to be the same.

Cross Stitch Tips and Tricks - my Santa

So those are some of my favorite cross stitch tips that relate to plastic canvas kits. I hope they help you create beautiful pieces. Of course, you can also use these tips in other cross stitch and needlepoint projects.

Here are some other great plastic canvas cross stitch ornament kits from Design Works. Enjoy!


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Cross Stitch Tips and Tricks - Make life easier and projects more professional!

4 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Tips and Tricks – Make life easier and projects more professional!”

  1. Also, always work over your tails, don’t tie knots, and hand wash your piece when finished to wash away the oils from your fingers.

    I love the plastic canvas cross stitch kits but I can no longer find them locally. Did you get yours from Mary Maxim? That’s the only place I’ve seen them recently.


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