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Daisy Animal Flip Books!

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Here are the results of the unique animals we created at our last Daisy meeting. At the start of the meeting the girls all colored various animals I had printed out. We talked about what “unique” means (Yay Alexa for knowing the meaning of unique!!). We discussed what makes each of them unique and what makes each of the animals they had colored unique.

Coloring the animals for our “unique animals” project.

While the girls were having a snack, I cut the animals into 3 and put them in my binder. I then went around the table and had them all pick a number between 1 and 11. We used those numbers to find the 3 parts of each animal. As we created each animal, the girls gave them names, and came up with some facts about their unique animals. We all had so much fun, and I was very impressed with the creativity of the girls! They were so awesome! We had time to create 5 animals. Here they are.

Crazy Animal

The Crazy Animal has the back end of a cow, the middle of a polar bear, and the front of an Elephant. It lives in the ice, gets water with it’s trunk, and makes the most yummy milk.

Alligator Mix~A~Roo

The Alligator Mix~A~Roo has the back end of an elephant, the middle of a gorilla, and the front of an alligator. It lives both on the land and in the water, and it eats fish and bananas.

Silly Animal

The Silly Animal has the back end of a lion, the middle of an elephant, and the front of a sheep. It eats hay and lives in a barn in Africa.


The Turtleliss has the back end of a horse, the middle of a sheep, and the front of a turtle. It gallops slowly, lives in the North Pole, and likes to roll on its back!


The Zebralina has the back end of a zebra, the middle of a lion, and the front of a dog. It loves to dance, eats dog food, and lives in Florida.

Well there you have it, unique animals made by some very unique and creative (and unbelievably lovable and adorable) Daisies.


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