The products used in this review were provided by della Q. The opinions are those of Jessie Rayot


This summer I was given a della Q hook case and a small pouch to review. I decided the best way to do so was to take them with me on our little beach vacation and see how they fared.

I believe the hook case is actually listed as a dpn (double point needle) case for knitters, but it worked wonderfully for my Knitters Pride Dreamz hooks. It’s just the right size for a set of hooks, and it rolls up and ties easily. The construction is professional and pretty. I used it throughout our vacation, and have continued to use it with no problems. It’s really nice at home where I bounce between the basement and the first floor a lot, I can take all my most used hooks with me and not be without one when I need it!

If you are looking for a case spacifically for crochet hooks, della Q has some HERE and HERE.

The small pouch was also very useful. It’s fully lined, so there are no seams inside to fray and make a mess. I kept my measuring tape, small scissors, stitch markers, and yarn needles in the pouch and they were right there waiting for me whenever I needed them. Everything fit nicely in the pouch, and as with the hook case, the pouch is constructed beautifully.


I am very happy with my della Q products. I have actually admired them online for quite some time. I love the fabric choices and the variety! You can pick up your own della Q products straight from della Q, from FiberWild, or from Amazon. Enjoy!

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