DIY emoji crafts for kids is a great way to start the school year. Emojis are on trend with the kiddos, and crafts are just fun! Plus, the kids get to create their very own emojis if they want to.

DIY Emoji Crafts For Kids - September Orange Art Box projects from Jessie At Home

This post is sponsored by Orange Art Box. All opinions are my own (and those of the kiddos).

DIY Emoji Crafts For Kids - September Orange Art Box projects from Jessie At Home - opening the box

Oh my goodness, the girls were so excited when they saw that the September Orange Art Box is all about emojis!! They immediately had so many ideas. Below you can watch as they open up the box and talk about what they want to create.

Pretty much as soon as I stopped recording, they started creating. They were so happy. As always, the folder in the Orange Art Box worked wonderfully to protect my dining room table.

The girls loved that they could also invent their own emojis. Vada came up with a Rock Star emoji, complete with silver stars around one eye. Then they worked together and made a half kitty half puppy emoji. You can see them both in some of the finished project photos.

DIY Emoji Crafts For Kids - September Orange Art Box projects from Jessie At Home - creating

There was plenty of paint, good quality paint brushes, and lots of glue dots to keep the gluing neat. There were also some sticky magnets. The girls made some magnetic bottle cap emojis – you will either need to stack 2 magnets together, or glue a bit of cardboard inside the bottle cap and then add a magnet in order for the magnet to reach outside of the bottle cap.

They also made some of the larger emojis as magnets and some they glued to clothespins and then to magnets. Those have gone to school to be stuck inside their lockers to hold note or important after school schedules.

DIY Emoji Crafts For Kids - September Orange Art Box projects from Jessie At Home - light it up

Here are all the DIY emoji crafts the girls created. You can see the kitty with yarn/puppy with bone emoji, and the rock star with silver stars emoji. You’ll also notice the big LOL emoji is a light. It’s so neat! We loved all the different googly eyes and sticker eyes there were to choose from. There were even heart stickers!

DIY Emoji Crafts For Kids - September Orange Art Box projects from Jessie At Home - being silly

The girls really had a blast with this DIY emoji craft box. You still have time to get this box for your littles, and even more if you would like. You can place a one time (gift) order, or subscribe, so not auto-reorders if you don’t want them. I LOVE that. Sometimes I really want the auto-reorder for a product so I always get it, and sometimes I just want to place a single order and not have to worry about cancelling. With Orange Art Box you can do either!

OK my friends, now go forth and create!


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DIY Emoji Crafts for Kids - September Orange Art Box Projects

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