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Eli, Ali & Leo Winter Set

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Winter Set Crochet Patterns by Jessie At Home

Last year I came up with a series of patterns that I used for most of the Holiday gifts we gave. It ended up being a series of 6 patterns. A hat, a scarf, and a cowl, each in worsted weight yarn and chunky yarn. With either weight, you hold 2 strands together as 1 when making the items,  and use a large hook, so they work up super quick! I often have people ask about these patterns, and it becomes a bit of a pain to copy all 6 links to all 6 patterns every time. So, I have listed all 6 patterns here. Click on the links under the images to go to each pattern. Enjoy!

Eli Hat: Chunky Weight
Eli Hat: Worsted Weight and Leo Scarf: Worsted Weight
Leo Scarf: Chunky Weight
Ali Mobius Cowl: Worsted Weight
Ali Mobius Cowl: Chunky Weight


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