Hello! Flat Stanley here. Shh!!! Don’t tell Kyla’s mom that I am on her blog.

Kyla’s weekend homework was to take me on an adventure, so we went to an art fair. It was so cool!! Kyla’s mom took lots of photos, and I managed to get ahold of her camera so I can share them with you. 🙂

Here are Kyla and I, all ready to go.
Here I am with Kyla and Eugene Perry! Kyla’s mom is a big fan of his. She says that one day when they fix up the back yard and have a covered deck, she wants one of his pieces there. He has pieces that are fine outside.
Kyla thought this table created by Live Edge Art looked like a desert. So Jewel (Vada’s lizard) came out of Vada’s pocket to join in on the picture. Lizards like the desert.
Kyla really loved this glass heart. Her mom was impressed by all the work that went into these pieces. Ernest told us that first he places all the strips of glass together to make the design and fires it, then he trims and shapes it and fires it again. Wow!
Kyla’s mom and dad were both impressed with the art created by Sunset Forge. Maybe they will need to by one of these pieces as  well when they renovate the house…
These beaded items were very neat. There were so many little details that a little person like myself could really admire. Megan really creates some beautiful and fun jewelry.
At some point, Jewel decided that Vada’s hat was a better place to travel than her pocket…
As soon as I saw this bowl, I HAD to have a picture with it. After all, today is flag day! There were so many great pieces here, but Kyla’s mom started getting a bit nervous. Something about bulls in China.
I found more flat people!!!
We found flat animals and flat flowers too. It was a flat paradise!
I was thinking of buying a new belt at Leather Report. But Brad said he didn’t have any in my size.
Jewel really liked the elephant belt.
What’s a fair without fair food? The lemonade is always a favorite in this family.
Kyla couldn’t resist joining in this photo. The artist who made this table is named Susan Stanley!!! STANLEY!!! I wonder if we are related?
Jewel found a little forest where she felt right at home. For a minute, I thought she may stay there.
Do you know what this odd looking thing is? It’s for making hammocks. Cool!!
I have another secret for you. I have a little crush on this mosaic girl.
Jewel tried to play with the mosaic girl’s pet kitten. It didn’t seem to notice her.
I learned all about sewing machine bobbins at the awesome Old Bagzz booth! There were some really neat bags there. Pam even had Wonder Woman bags, with images from the classic Wonder Woman comics. For some reason, this made Kyla’s mom very happy.
I think the coats by Woven Dream Designs may be a bit too big for me.
I tried to get Kyla’s mom to buy me a pet. She said something about Jewel and moved on.
Kyla’s mom thought this drum was nifty. So she took a photo even though I didn’t ask her to.
Look at this, it’s a cymbal for flag day! Georgie was a very fun guy! He even had a video playing of himself making some of his art.
I had such a good time with Kyla and her family at the art fair. By the time we got back to the car, I was ready for a nap.


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