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Flower Loom Canvas Project

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Flower Loom Canvas - photo and video tutorial by Jessie At Home

I made this Flower Loom Canvas Art for the landing in the stairway going to the second floor in our house. It really needed something there, and I had a bunch of 18″ by 24″ canvases in the basement waiting to become something. Would you like to learn how to make your very own?

18″ x 24″ Canvas
Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn in the colorway of your choice
Sharp needle with an eye large enough for the yarn (you may want a few extras in case you break any)
10 pins
Boye Flower Loom

Start off by making 10 flowers. You can learn how to make them with my video tutorial HERE.

From this point on you can watch the video below to learn how to make the project, or you can follow along with the photo tutorial below the video. Or both. Whatever makes you happy!

Place the 10 flowers where you would like them on the canvas. Stick pins in the canvas where the center of the flowers are. Remove the flowers and carefully turn the canvas over. mark where all the pins are with a pencil. Remove the pins. Draw lines on the inside of the canvas straight down from each pin to show were the stems will be. Be sure all the stems are between the wood, not hidden behind it.

Flower Loom Canvas by Jessie At Home - free tutorial - 1

Thread a needle with a piece of yarn the length of the stem plus about 12″. Poke the needle through the base of a stem, just above the bottom wood frame.

Flower Loom Canvas by Jessie At Home - free tutorial - 2

Flip the frame over to see where the stem will be on the outside.

Flower Loom Canvas by Jessie At Home - free tutorial - 3

Go straight down from the needle and catch just a few strands of the corner of the canvas as the first stitch.

Flower Loom Canvas by Jessie At Home - free tutorial - 4

Sew back down through the hole previously left by the needle above the wood frame. Pull it through leaving about 6-8″ hanging down below the canvas.

Flower Loom Canvas by Jessie At Home - free tutorial - 5

Turn piece over (again) and continue sewing down and up every 3/8″ along the pencil line to the top of the line. End with the yarn on the back side of the canvas and start a new piece of yarn for the next half of the stem.

Flower Loom Canvas by Jessie At Home - free tutorial - 6

Turn piece to the front and start the second strand of yarn by sewing into the bottom of the canvas just next to the first strand of yarn.

Flower Loom Canvas by Jessie At Home - free tutorial - 7

This time go down through the canvas where you went up before, so that the stitches will show opposite.

Flower Loom Canvas by Jessie At Home - free tutorial - 8

Continue working next to the previous yarn, working up and down in the opposite direction of the previous yarn to finish the stem.

Flower Loom Canvas by Jessie At Home - free tutorial - 9

Continue making stems in this manner.

Now it’s time to glue on the flowers! Trim the yarn tails on each flower and place them where you want them, then hot glue them in place, being sure to catch the cut ends in the hot glue to keep them from coming apart.

How about some tassels? Wrap your yarn around a tassel form (I used a DVD case) about 15 times. Cut the tassel open. Lay the center of the strands in between the 2 ends of one of the stems and use the ends to tie the tassel on. Cut a long piece of yarn and thread it onto your yarn needle. Wrap it around the tassel several times to hold the tassel together, then sew the end through the center of the tassel (this can all be seen in the video above).

Make all 10 tassels, then trim them even.

Flower Loom Canvas by Jessie At Home - free tutorial

And you’re done! Isn’t it nifty? I hope you enjoy yours, mine is happily hung on the wall of the stairway landing.

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3 thoughts on “Flower Loom Canvas Project”

  1. 🙂 I’ve started to think you and I are connected some way or other. A few weeks ago I got my flower loom and thought I’d make something similar: a few flowers on canvas to start using it!
    Of course, now I know the idea is really good and the result is awesome, I’ll make my own as soon as I finish my present project; this time I’ll try to send you a photo.
    Thanks a lot for sharing, Jessie

  2. I love this idea and tutorial! I like that you have both crochet and knit patterns as I also am bi- or multi-needle craftual – lol, but I think I like this project more than any of your tutorials! It has inspired me with other craft ideas! Thanks Jessie!

  3. Thanks for the tute. I have never used any of my loom knitting supplies (crochet only). Gotta find time to learn. When I saw yours, I thought you had decorated plain cotton duck (?) window shades.


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