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Free Crochet Leaf Pattern Round Up – The leaves may be falling, but you can keep them with yarn!

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Free crochet leaf patterns will help you celebrate the fall while decorating your home and your attire. You can scatter them on your end tables and shelves, hang them in your windows, make a wreath with them, sew them onto hats and scarves, put pin backs on them, and so much more. Just have fun and enjoy the fall.

Here are the names and links to seven free crochet leaf patterns.

1) Lacey Autumn Leaves by Yarn Blossom Boutique
“The Lacey Autumn Leaf can be made with any yarn weight and suitable hook.”

2) Autumn Leaf by Sylwia SzB
“Depending on the material used, this may be an applique, a doily, rug. A thicker yarn and larger size crochet hook will make a bigger leaf.”

3) Changing Leaves Basket by Moogly
“The Changing Leaves Basket turns the crocodile stitch into a cascade of falling leaves in all the beautiful colors of autumn.”

4) Fall Oak Leaves by Pattern Paradise
“These pretty leaves are wonderful for all your fall decorating needs. They work up super quick and are great stash busters too!”

5) Pumpkin Leaf Applique by Crochet Kim
I love this little pumpkin leaf. It has so much personality and would make awesome bunting.

6) Fall Sparkles Shawl by Jessie At Home
“This triangular shawl features little leaves throughout, along with some beautiful beads.”

7) Fallen Leaves Cup Cozy by Yarnutopia
“Here is the Fallen Leaves Cup Cozy! One leaf applique doubles as a secret pocket which is perfect for a tea bag, some cash, or a gift card to a coffee shop.”

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