Mahvalous marbling darling! Marbling, let me show you what everyone is “mahvaling” about. Being the artsy type I just happened to have some marbling paint (oh big surprise there!) and decided this was a great way sate my creative impulses today. Of course, being me, I couldn’t do it the same way as everyone else, so here it is, Mahvalous Marbling, Jessie Style !!

Fun with Marbling - by Jessie At Home

The paints used in this tutorial were provided by Plaid.

Fun with Marbling - going to give it a try!

I used the Plaid Marbling Paints – find them on Amazon HERE –  and some canvas I had left over from art school. It’s in a pad, but it’s just like the canvas stretched on a frame, just not framed. You certainly can use framed canvases, I just went with what I had.

I figured there are plenty of tutorials showing the same few techniques with this paint out there, so I would just improvise and see what I could come up with. I do have a couple art degrees, I should be able to do something, right?

Fun with Marbling - just squeezing it everywhere

For my first go, I squeezed each of the 4 colors around the canvas randomly. You can see some paint below the marbling paint, I must have used this canvas for color testing at some point. I like recycling, so I just used it as the marbling paint would cover it up anyway.

Fun with Marbling - toothpick swirl

Next I grabbed a toothpick and squiggled the paint around for a while. This was a lot of fun!

Fun with Marbling - first one done

Then comes the super fun part, rolling the paint all over the canvas. I just lifted edges and rolled it around a while until I was happy. I thought about letting it all drip off the edges of the canvas, but I really liked the way it looked with only a few spots leaking off. I think it’s nifty! There we go, one down.

Fun with Marbling - all the colors in a cup

Next I decided to give the cup and dump method a try. I poured the 4 colors into a paper cup.

Fun with Marbling - dump and drip

Then I dumped. It really wasn’t as much paint as I thought. If you want to totally cover your canvas, you need a lot of paint (my canvases were 12 x 16).

Fun with Marbling - swirl around and drip some more

I lifted the canvas and swirled this one around a bit until I had an interesting shape. I thought about adding more paint, or taking toothpick to it, but in the end I just held the cup back over it and let the excess paint drip out of the cup all over the canvas.

Fun with Marbling - dump and drag

For my last one, I poured the rest of each color into a cup and dumped it again; but this time I didn’t pick up the cup right away, I swirled it around the canvas first.

Fun with Marbling - not looking promising

Then I picked it up. I wasn’t impressed. This one was just not speaking to me and it needed more paint if I was going to let it run around. I did lift it and it ran a little, but not much.

Fun with Marbling - drips make it better

Finally I took the caps of 3 of the colors (it really didn’t need any more black) and was able to get more paint onto the canvas.

Fun with Marbling - and toothpick

I took a toothpick to it and went to town. I’m pretty sure I could have tilted and and got it to swirl around a bit, but I liked it this way, especially next to the other two.

All together I made 3 canvas, each 12×16. I would say normally 4 bottles of paint would only make 2 of that size canvas, unless you like the empty space like I do. I’m pretty happy with the results.

Fun with Marbling - chaos

I think I will glue them to a piece of wood to make them a set and call them Chaos. They make a great visual representation of my life at the moment.

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