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43 Handmade for the Holidays Crochet Patterns

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Hello my crafty friends, 2020 has been a year…and it is only July! If you’re like me, your yarn and hook have been helping you through. I’m looking forward to putting my hook to use even more this fall to share handmade gifts with friends and family to let them know how much I care about them. 

43 Handmade for the Holidays Crochet Patterns

Sharing those handmade gifts is my way of sharing a hug and a smile, even when I might not get to see someone in person. If you have ever gotten a thoughtful handmade gift, you know just what I am talking about. You can just feel the love coming through every stitch! 

But, I just can’t wait until November to start crocheting! I need to get started on this now. 

I got together with some other crochet designers and we came up with a solution to help us all get off to a great start…the 2020 Handmade for the Holidays Crochet Pattern Bundle! 

The 2020 Handmade for the Holidays Crochet Pattern Bundle

I am honored to be one of the 23 crochet designers contributing patterns to this bundle. We have picked our top holiday and gift idea patterns to share with you. The patterns cover all types of holiday decorations and decor items from stockings, coasters, and tree skirts to table runners and blankets. Your home is going to look so good! 

We also included a whole collection of handmade gift ideas. These patterns are some of the trendiest hats, gloves, and scarves you will see. The amigurumi and kids projects are so adorable and you will have friends and family secretly hoping that they get one in their homemade stocking too! 

You can get ALL 43 Handmade for the Holidays Crochet Patterns worth over $170.00 for over 85% off. But, we are only offering this pricing for this week only! Consider it our Christmas in July present to you!

What Patterns are in This Bundle?  

  1. Balsam Scarf by Made With a Twist
  2. The Semper Cowl by Meghan Makes Do
  3. The Pascal Baby Blanket by The Blue Elephants
  4. Ollie the Elf by The Blue Elephants
  5. Fall Ready Crossbody Bag by Noors Knits
  6. Tunisian Snowflakes Earwarmer by Noors Knits
  7. Joyeaux Christmas Stocking by Sweet Potato 3
  8. Holiday Joy by Moogly
  9. Floppy Reindeer by Hooked by Kati
  10. Mini Angel Amigurumi by Loops and Love Crochet
  11. Fireside Mittens by Knitting With Chopsticks
  12. Winter Mountain Mittens by Nomad Stitches
  13. Ferns Beanie by Nomad Stitches
  14. Flattened Shell Hat by Underground Crafter
  15. Becoming Scarf by Underground Crafter
  16. Quick & Easy Shawl by Underground Crafter
  17. Beanie With a Twist by Underground Crafter
  18. Holiday Llama Drawstring Chalk Bag with Tutorial by Hook Yarn Carabiner
  19. Snowcapped Mountain Bookend by Hook Yarn Carabiner
  20. Holiday Candle Amigurumi by Knot Bad
  21. Rory Cowl by Two Brothers Blankets
  22. Rory Hat by Two Brothers Blankets
  23. Trinity Stitch Cowl by Ned and Mimi
  24. Trinity Stitch Hat by Ned and Mimi
  25. Puff This Way Wrist Warmer by Bliss This
  26. Puff This Way Beanie by Bliss This
  27. Puff This Way Cowl by Bliss This
  28. Mini Christmas Cat by Thoresby Cottage
  29. Itty Bitty Love Me Kitty by Thoresby Cottage
  30. Star Trivet Centerpiece by Jessie At Home
  31. Green Gradient Cowl by Jessie At Home
  32. Faux Brioche Scarf by Jessie At Home
  33. Lemon Peel Mobius Scarf by Creations By Courtney
  34. Wrapped in Kisses Blanket by Creations By Courtney
  35. Dead of Winter Wrap by By Stephanie Erin
  36. Holiday Magic Christmas Tree Skirt by Ambassador Crochet
  37. The Book Nook Throw by Ambassador Crochet
  38. Snowman Tree Skirt by Maria’s Blue Crayon
  39. Triple Trinity Scarf by Stitch In Progress
  40. Triple Trinity Headband by Stitch In Progress
  41. Christmas Present Coaster by Stitch In Progress
  42. Christmas Table Runner by Stitch In Progress
  43. Suit Style Scarf by Stitch In Progress

All of these patterns will help you create your own handmade holiday this year and beyond! These patterns are the perfect touch your holiday season needs. 

Make this holiday season less stressful by grabbing your copy of the bundle and getting started on these great holiday gift and decor patterns now! 

But wait, there is more! 

As an additional bonus and gift to you, many of my designer friends have included discount codes for their pattern shops in the bundle! 

So, you not only get 43 perfect patterns that normally retail for over $170, you also get discounts to grab more wonderful patterns from your favorite designers, or maybe someone new that you are just seeing as part of the bundle.  

So, jump over and buy your copy and get the free bonus today because it is only available through July 24. 

We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so there is really no risk to you buying your copy today!

I can’t wait to see you rock your handmade holiday goals this year! 
Grab your copy at over 85% off here, before it is gone!


43 Handmade for the Holidays Crochet Patterns43 Handmade for the Holidays Crochet Patterns43 Handmade for the Holidays Crochet Patterns

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