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June Craft Wrap Up, We Had an Outstanding Summer Start

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The June craft wrap up here At Home is full of creativity, shenanigans, and just plain fun! Come take a peak at what happened.

Image of a beaded necklace in process on the bottom left and a 3D paper flower cart on the upper right, all on a white background with text which reads "June Craft Wrap Up" and "Jessie At Home dot com"

You can find general info, links to all the weeks as we progress, and the current month’s videos HERE. You can catch up on June’s Crafty Time Lives in the videos below; but first, I have some other fun from June to share.

A collage of a child with yarn, a 3D paper flower cart, and a beaded necklace being made with text that reads "Crafty videos & more June wrap up" and "Jessie At Home dot com"

I received an awesome hoodie with my logo on it from Rush Order Tees. You can order your own personalized hoodies HERE. They have lots of other items you can personalize as well. It’s all so nifty, check it out!

Image of a woman (Jessie) in a gray zip hoodie with a Jessie At Home logo on it.

I also received an incredible tankini from Free Country. OMG folx, I haven’t been able to wear any sort of bathing suit without wanting to hide for years. Now I can’t wait to go to LBI with my family this summer and get my swim on!

Image of a woman (Jessie) outside in front of a bench and tree, wearing a blue and gray tankini and starting to fall while trying to do the yoga tree pose.

A rather large box of squishy awesomeness showed up at my door from WeCrochet. I’ve decided to embrace my love of color, so that meant more yarn. You can watch the unboxing HERE. What you really need to see is what Vada did with all the yarn later, check it out HERE and be sure to turn the sound on. 🙂

Image of a child (Vada, 13) sitting in a box full of yarn with yarn all over the rug and floor around the box.

Of course, I made the kiddos, so they count as my crafty creations! Those crafty little imps graduated middle school this month, so I now have TWIN HIGH SCHOOLERS!!! Send lots of coffee. And chocolate.

Two kids in maroon robes standing in front of an eighth grade graduation sign.

OK, let’s finish the June Craft Wrap Up with the Crafty Time With Jessie videos!

To Say Thank You

If you are enjoying these videos and would like to (and are able to) donate so I can get paid for them, you can do so with the button below. Even if you can’t, please enjoy the videos. We can still be together, even when we are physically apart.

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Crafty Time With Jessie Videos – June Craft Wrap Up

June 3, 2021 – I’ve discovered Dreaming Tree 3D SVGs and I’m in love! We’re going to make a notepad holder and play with embellishments!
Affiliate Links:
Notepad Holder HERE
Dreaming Tree HERE
Scotch Tacky Glue HERE
Embossing Folder HERE
80 lb Cardstock 12×12 HERE
Patterned Paper 12×12 HERE
Watercolor Pencils HERE
Paint Brushes HERE
Small Paper Cups HERE
Cricut HERE

June 10, 2021 – OK – we’re actually getting going on re-beading the vintage choker!!
Affiliate Links:
Small Beads HERE
Bead Thread HERE
Native American Bead Loom HERE

June 17, 2021 – Fun with yarn scraps – lets make some awesome with bits and pieces!

June 24, 2021 – Trying out a new crochet idea. This could be super cool!
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Herrschners Worsted 8 HERE
5.5 mm (US I/9) Crochet Hook HERE
Nettie’s Super Simple Tassel Scarf HERE
Basic Boho Knit Scarf HERE
Eugene S. Perry HERE

Image of a 3D paper flower cart above a black block with text which reads "creatively crafting all month long" and "Jessie At Home dot com"

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June Craft Wrap Up, We Had an Outstanding Summer StartJune Craft Wrap Up, We Had an Outstanding Summer StartJune Craft Wrap Up, We Had an Outstanding Summer Start

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