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Katherine Coat

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Katherine Coat Knit Pattern by Jessie At Home

a lovely faerie frock with many variations
Knit Pattern
Intermediate Skill Level
Designed by Jessie Rayot

This fun, fanciful, Faerie Frock will bring out the whimsy in you! It features vertical stripes of knit panels in the skirt, which are connected as they are made, thus there is no need to have multiple balls of yarn all being used at the same time. The frock can be made with or without a hood and there are many variations on the skirt, hood, and sleeves. Several line drawings are included so you can plan out your colors. As for the number of colors needed, you can do what makes you happy; use a different color for every part, or use just two or three colors for the panels or even stash~bust and wing it!

Price: $12.50
If Ravelry is not for you, then you can
also find this pattern at
and Etsy.

Fairy-Coat-Knit-Pattern-Katherine-Coat-by-Jessie-At-Home Katherine-Coat-Fairy-Coat-Knit-Pattern-by-Jessie-At-Home

2 thoughts on “Katherine Coat”

  1. Hello
    I find your coats magnificent. Is it possible to buy the patterns directly from you because I do not understand English and I would like a specific model
    thank you

    • It will still be in English if you buy it from me, Ravelry, or Etsy. I only speak English. If you want one on one help it would be $100 an hour, and I only speak English.


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