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Knit Hexagon Wrap – Hexed Flower

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This knit hexagon wrap starts in the center with a flower and then grows into a hexagon. Two sides on one half and two sides on the other then expand outwards to lengthen the wrap. This is an intermediate pattern because of the central flower. Once the center is complete, the knitting becomes quite easy!

At the end of this pattern there is a chance to win the yarn used in the Hexed Flower wrap, in addition to a yarn bowl. Giveaway ends 11/3/19

Hexed Flower - knit hexagon wrap pattern by Jessie At Home
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The yarn for this design was provided by Darn Good Yarn. All opinions are my own.

Hexed Flower

A Knit Hexagon Wrap Pattern
Intermediate Skill Level
Designed by Jessie Rayot

Hexed Flower - knit hexagon wrap pattern by Jessie At Home - 5

16″ x 62″

Darn Good Yarn DK Weight Naturally Herbal Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn Pack: (250 g / 750 yds total), Size 3 (DK weight), recycled silk
Vintage Rose Colorway
(50 g / 150 yds per ball)
Color A: light dusty rose
Color B: dark pink
Color C: light pink
Color D: grey
Color E: dusty rose

US-6, 4.00 mm – dpns or 32″+ circulars, and long straights or 16″+ circulars (sample was made with 1 pair of 32″ circulars)

Gauge: Learn about gauge HERE
22 sts x 26 rows = 4” [10 cm] in stockinette stitch

Other supplies:
6 stitch markers
Stitch holder(s)
Yarn needle

Stitches and Abbreviations: click on highlighted sts for tutorials
co – cast on
dpn(s) – double point needle(s)
k – knit
kfb – knit front and back
k2tog – knit 2 together
pm – place marker
rs – right side (as in front)
ssk – slip slip knit
sm – slip marker
st(s) – stitch(es)
ws – wrong side
yo – yarn over

Special Stitches:
inc6 – increase 6 – (a yo is dropped before this stitch so there is enough yarn to make this stitch) knit in the front, back, front, back, front, back and front again all in the same st. This will turn 1 stitch into 7.
kfbf – knit front, back, front all in the same st.
k4tog – knit 4 together – work as a k2tog, but with 4 sts.
s4k – slip 4 knit – slip 4 sts knit wise, knit those 4 sts together (worked as a ssk, but with 4 sts instead of 2).

Getting Started:
Round/Row counts are at the end of each row after the period, if the count has changed from the previous round. – {count here}
Colors are worked in alphabetical order and then repeated, every time “Change Color” is noted in the pattern, switch to the next color in the order.


Flower Center

CO 12 with Color A.
Rnd 1: [K1 kfb] 6 times. – {18 sts} 3/18
Rnd 2: [K1, yo, k2, pm] 6 times. – {24 sts} 4/24

Change Color
Rnd 3: [K1, drop yo, inc6, k1, sm] 6 times. – {54 sts} 9/30
Rnd 4: [K4, yo, k5, sm] 6 times. – {60 sts} 10/36
Rnd 5: [K2tog, k2, drop yo, inc6, k2, ssk, sm] 6 times. – {78 sts} 13/42
Rnd 6: [K6, yo, k7, sm] 6 times. – {84 sts} 14/48
Rnd 7: [K2tog, k4, drop yo, inc6, k6, ssk, sm] 6 times. – {102 sts} 17/54
Rnd 8: [K8, yo, k9, sm] 6 times. – {108 sts} 18/60
Rnd 9: [K2tog, k6, drop yo, inc6, k6, ssk, sm] 6 times. – {126 sts} 21/66
Rnd 10: [K10, yo, k11, sm] 6 times. – {132 sts} 22/72
Rnd 11: [K2tog, k8, drop yo, inc6, ssk, sm] 6 times. – {150 sts} 25/78

Change Color
Rnd 12: [P25, sm] 6 times. – {150 sts} 25/84
Rnd 13: [K4tog, k6, kfb, k1, kfbf, k1, kfb, k6, s4k, sm] 6 times. – {138 sts} 23/90
Rnd 14: [K23, sm] 6 times. – {138 sts} 21/96
Rnd 15: [k4tog, k4, kfb, k2, kfbf, k2, kfb, k4, s4k, sm] 6 times. – {126 sts} 21/102
Rnd 16: [K21, sm] 6 times. – {126 sts} 21/108
Rnd 17: *k4tog, k2, [kfb, k1] 4 times, kfb, k2, s4k, sm] 6 times. – {120 sts} 20/114

Set up round for Outer Hexagon

This round moves the markers and is worked more then once around to move the start of the rounds.
Rnd 18: Remove marker, k10, pm, [k10, remove marker, k10, pm] 5 times, k20. – {120 sts on needles} 20/120

Outer Hexagon

Change Color
Rnd 19: [K1, p to 1 st before marker, k1, sm] 6 times. – {120 sts} 20/126
Rnd 20: [K1, yo, k to 1 st before marker, yo, k1, sm] 6 times. – {132 sts} 22/132
Rnds 21 & 22: Repeat Rnds 19 & 20. – {144 sts} 24/144
Rnd 23: [K to marker, sm] 6 times. – {144 sts} 24/150
Rnd 24: [K1, yo, k to 1 st before marker, yo, k1, sm] 6 times. – {156 sts} 26/156
Rnds 25 & 26: Repeat Rnds 23 & 24. – {168 sts} 28/168

Rnds 27-50: Repeat Rnds 19-26 two times, changing Color before each repeat of Rnd 19. – 44

Set up for Sides

Rnds 51-54: Change Color, repeat Rnds 19-22. – 48
Rnd 55: *K1, p to 1 st before marker, k1, sm, [k to marker, sm] 2 times; repeat from * once more.
Rnd 56: Repeat Rnd 20. – 50
Rnd 57: Repeat Rnd 55.
Rnd 58 (RS): [Cast off all sts to next marker, remove marker, k1, k to 1 st before marker, yo, k1, sm, k1, yo, k to one st before marker, yo k1, remove marker] 2 times. – 52
Slip first group of sts and marker to stitch holder(s), begin First Side with second group of stitches.

First Side

Change Color – A37 (28) B27 (16) C43 (26) D44 (30) E34 (19)
Row 1 (ws): P1, k to 1 st before marker, p1, sm, p1, k until 1 st remains, p1.
Row 2: K1, ssk, k to 1 st before marker, yo, k1, sm, k1, yo, k until 3 sts remain, k2tog, k1.
Rows 3 & 4: Repeat Rows 1 & 2.
Row 5: P to marker, sm, P to end.
Row 6: K1, ssk, k to 1 st before marker, yo, k1, sm, k1, yo, k until 3 sts remain, k2tog, k1.
Rows 7 & 8: Repeat Rows 5 & 6.

Rows 9-96: Repeat Rows 1-8 twelve times, changing Color before every Row 1 repeat.
Rnds 97-103: Change Color, repeat Rnds 1-7
Bind off all sts knitwise, then weave in all ends.

Second Side

Pick up all sts and marker from stitch holder(s) and repeat First Side making sure that first row is worked as a wrong side row.

Wear or give and enjoy!

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Hexed Flower - knit hexagon wrap pattern by Jessie At Home - 3

Now how about that giveaway? The winner will receive the Darn Good Yarn DK Weight Naturally Herbal Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn Pack in Vintage Rose and a yarn bowl like the one in the image above.

To enter the Darn Good Yarn Silk Yarn and Yarn Bowl Giveaway you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid shipping address in the USA or Canada. The giveaway ends at the end of day eastern time on November 3, 2019. Winner will be contacted by email and will have one week to reply with a valid shipping address or a new winner will be chosen. Void where prohibited. Any personal data collected on this entry form will be used solely for the purposes of administering this giveaway.

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Knit Hexagon Wrap - Hexed Flower

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  1. Is there a crochet version of the hexed flower wrap? Due to Cancer, radiation and chemotherapy I have not been able to concentrate enough to knit, but I can still crochet. I would love to make this as a prayer shawl for one of the other patients. I think it may even be one that the men would wear if I make it in the right colors. Thank you, Dawn


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