Many size crochet patterns are the best! Sometimes you find an awesome pattern but it’s not the right size, so I love when patterns come in multiple sizes. Keep in mind, if you see a picture of a pattern you love and the model is a different size then you, all may not be lost. Check out the pattern, because sometimes they come in more sizes. Here are seven many size crochet patterns for you!

Here are the names and links to seven free many sized crochet patterns.

1) Wave Your Hands Mitts by Jessie At Home
“The Wave Your Hand Mitts feature a chevron stitch in the round. The point in the back of the hand comes up higher and then has a ring to wrap around your middle finger.”

2) Basic C2C Throw Pillow by Eye Love Knots
“My living room is so plain, and a little mismatched. I have really been wanting to add to it, and make it a little more cohesive and home-y, and what better than some fun throw pillows constructed using a simple, basic pattern?”

3) Dakota Belle Beanie by Kim Guzman
“A beautiful lace shell beanie perfect for any season. the optional floral embellishment can be made in either the same color or any coordinating color.”

4) Simple Seed Stitch Beanie by Kirsten Holloway Designs
“Because the seed stitch beanie is a quick and easy crochet project to work up it would be perfect for last minute Christmas gifts, or donating to charities that help the homeless and needy this winter.”

6) Fighter and Survivor Graph Beanies by Sincerely, Pam
“In honor of my Dad’s diagnosis, battle, and recovery, I have designed these hats for him.”

7) Angelica Cardigan by Desert Bloom Crafts
“The Angelica Cardigan is one of my favorite designs to date. I love the simplicity, yet the air of elegance from the detailing.”

5) Playoff Poncho by Tamara Kelly
“The Playoff Poncho is a warm and cozy topper with sporty stripes and an easy to wear length – that’s totally customizable! And it’s a free crochet poncho pattern on Moogly!”

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