I finally cleaned my table and got to work on my first Cricut project; it was so much FUN!!


I laid everything out and patiently opened the “start here” packet.


Thankfully, you start by making a card. It was so fun to watch the Cricut draw and cut. My old one could draw OR cut, but not both without me changing from blade to pen!! This is the mat after I took off the first piece of my first project.


Isn’t it nifty? It was mesmerizing to watch.


Then I folded the insert. I love the little creaser that came with my tools. (I know that it goes in the machine to make a score, but it works to crease as well)


There we go, a card!! It was so easy. I need to try more “make it now” projects. Then I can start making my own projects. Won’t that be neat?!


The Cricut told me I could upload my old cartridges. So THAT’s what that giant port on the left of the machine is for! 

So I pulled out the Cricut 1.0 in it’s pretty great rolly case.


Then I started pulling out the old cartridges and loading them into my Cricut design space. It was nice to know all the money I had spent was still going to use. I’ve made so many fun things with my old Cricut, I didn’t want to say goodbye to the cartridges. I LOVE that they thought of that.

This week I’m going to try some more “Make it now” projects and watch some instructional videos. I’ll be sure to share my favorites with you next week! If you are a Cricut owner and have any suggestions for me, PLEASE feel free to comment away. I LOVE learning from others.

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