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Nature Crochet Round Up

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Spring is here!!! My favorite part of spring is watching nature bloom. In honor of that, I have collected some I . I hope you enjoy them. Happy spring!!

Nature Crochet Pattern Round Up from Jessie At Home

Here are the names and links of each pattern.

7) Daisies Filet Afghan by Kim Guzman of Crochet Kim
This beautiful afghan is a great way to practice your filet crochet skills. It’s lightweight so it’s great for cool spring evenings on the porch swing.

1) Free Crochet Spring Patterns – Leaves 101 by Lorene Eppolite of Cre8tion Crochet
“Here you will find a variety of different leaf patterns.  Quite a few of them are original designs by me but I have also tried to find different one’s available on blogs worldwide.”

2) Firewheel Coaster or Scrubbie by Celina Lane of Simply Collectible
“…we were on a drive through the Hill Country in Central Texas when I noticed the Firewheels. The first time I noticed them was three years ago when my son (5 at the time) pointed them out and declared they were his favorite wildflower. Since then, I noticed them every time they pop out and even look for them amongst the others.”

3) Happy Autumn Leaves by Tamara Kelly of Moogly
“The Happy Autumn Leaves are many things! Dishcloths! Wall decor! Centerpieces! Table settings! Use the right yarn and they can be anything you wish. The one thing they always are? A fun free crochet pattern to celebrate the return of autumn!”

4) Nutty for Acorns – Crocheted Acorn Jewelry, That Is by Gossamer Tangles
“I crocheted little acorn nuts to take the place of the natural nut, and then secured them into the caps using an adhesive (E6000). I painted the caps with a metallic acrylic paint, and secured a small gold bead cap with a loop on it at the stem area to use as a means of attaching the acorns to earrings and necklaces. ”

5) Margaret Oomen’s Little Urchin Crochet Covered Sea Stones by Margaret Oomen on Purl Bee
“For quite some time now we have been mesmerized and inspired by the work of the unsurpassable artist Margaret Oomen – we are particularly drawn to her crocheted stones… Today marks a very special day for us because Margaret generously agreed to create an exclusive Crocheted Stone pattern for Purl Bee readers”

6) Flower Squared by Jessie Rayot of Jessie At Home
“When looking for a great flower for the Mother and Daughter hats I made a few weeks ago, I really couldn’t find one I wanted… So I came up with one of my own! Then when I made some ear warmers last week (pattern to come) I changed it up again and finally ended up with the look I wanted. So here it is!”

7) Daisies Filet Afghan by Kim Guzman of Crochet Kim
This beautiful afghan is a great way to practice your filet crochet skills. It’s lightweight so it’s great for cool spring evenings on the porch swing.

8) Rosy Cosy by Megan Mills
“I’ve been busy making a tea cosy based on the A Blanket of Roses Afghan design. I was part way through making a motif for the afghan at a cafe and I popped it on top of my teapot while I gathered my thoughts. Someone said to me ‘Oh, are you making a tea cosy?’ When I looked I thought, you know, it would make a pretty one. So I fiddled and twiddled and whaddyaknow? Here she is.”

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OR ~ If you would like a pattern and yarn all together in a kit, try one of these (Click the images to go to the kits):

Glen Oaks Scarf Kit #CrochetKit from @beCraftsy Leaves Backpack Kit #CrochetKit from @beCraftsy {affiliate link} Covered Tape Measures: Owl, Pig & Flower Kit #CrochetKit from @beCraftsy


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