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Meet Mountain Meadow Wool – from the ranch to your stash!

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Today I have the honor of introducing you to another of our fabulous Yarn and Wine 2016 sponsors! Mountain Meadow Wool Mill is owned by Karen Hostetler in Buffalo Wyoming. She found herself surrounded by the culture of ranching and sheep, yet she had a hard time finding local yarn and fiber. This concerned her so she decided to do something about it, and Mountain Meadow Wool was born!

Meet Mountain Meadow Wool with Jessie At Home

[pullquote width=”700″ float=”center”]…in 2007 Mountain Meadow Wool Mill opened its doors. We are a full service mill with a family of dedicated employees and friends. Our mission is to create a company that sustains ranching and we are working very hard toward that goal. We have always been wool lovers and the beautiful fiber grown in the Mountain West is the BEST![/pullquote]

The Mountain Meadow Wool yarn I have had the pleasure of working with is wonderful. It has a very natural look and feel to it. This is a great quality for the current fashion trends, such as the Boho movement. It also would be perfect for re-enactors. With that in mind, I was inspired to create a little belt bag for when I go to Medieval events. You can see it in the photo at the top of this post. The yarn was very nice to work with. One worry of yarns that have such a natural look is that they will be scratchy, but this yarn is not. It is clearly a high quality and well made yarn and it keeps the natural look while still being soft.

You can read more about Mountain Meadow Wool on their site, HERE.

They also have a wonderful Ravelry group that is worth visiting, you can find that HERE.

If you are looking for great quality yarn and fiber, made in America, and supporting ranchers, Mountain Meadow Wool is all that and more!


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