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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Wine

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If you remember, a while back I shared a review of Unicorn Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse. Well, they have another product that I’ve been wanting to review for a while, and I finally have: Power Scour! Power Scour is an awesome stain remover/fibre renewer.

Unicorn Fibre Power Scour stain remover review

Here is what the Unicorn Fibre site says about Power Scour:

  Now Enhanced for HARD WATER use

  • Optimize cleaning at lower temperatures
  • Incredible STAIN REMOVER – even Red Wine!
  • Eliminates build–up of cleaning agents
  • Cost effective –– use significantly less to scour
  • Reduces mats and tangles
  • Eliminates ODORS – Non–yellowing –
  • Leaves fiber with a clean, fresh aroma
  • Biodegradable – Earth Friendly – no Fillers- no Bleach

So, the girls and I put it to the ultimate, “I spilled on my work in progress/new finished item” test. First I gathered some swatches and some staining agents. If you look at the photo above, from bottom to top we have: 100% wool (feltable) mercerized cotton on left/baby alpaca on right, 100% acrylic, and 100% cotton. Across the top from left to right is Tea, Coffee, Olive Oil, and wine.


The girls took turns dunking everything into the staining agents. We let them sit for about 10 minutes.


I squeezed all the stains in, then rinsed them all in cool water. By dunking and squeezing I made these stains much more severe then a normal stain. If you spill on something, immediately rinse it off with cool water without squeezing or brushing. Often times the spill is sitting on top of the fibers and will leave little to no stain if you don’t rub it in.

Next I squirted Power Scour on the stains, pinned each pile together, and tossed them in a bucket. I filled the bucket with the hottest water I was comfortable using with the feltable yarn. I left the items in the bucket until the water was cooled down enough that I could swish it around without burning myself. Then I left it until it cooled completely. I rinsed it all and repeated the process with a 5-10 hour soak 2 more times. By the last time I had deformed some of my swatches because of the pins, if I were to do this again I would tie colored yarn on each swatch to identify the stains so I wouldn’t have to deal with the pins. I also introduced a rust stain to the corner of the cotton/wine swatch from an old pin.


Here are my final results. Notice I did NOT felt the wool. The coffee and tea are still slightly noticeable in the cotton, but one more cleaning with a little scrubbing would most likely deal with that. If I had paid more attention to them from the beginning I have a feeling it would have taken less applications. The rest of the stains are GONE. The wine was gone the first time, and the oil was gone the second. There was oil floating on the top of the water when I went to dump it, it was pretty nifty!

So, I would have to say this is an awesome product!! The next day I took some old yellowed lace I wanted to use for a project and soaked it in Power Scour overnight. I rinsed it out the next morning and it looked new!!! I’m so happy. This product is great for not just stains, but also for aging issues like I just mentioned, and items from a smoker’s home, and even water damage that is too extreme for Fibre Wash. Plus, everything comes out smelling clean and nice. I love Power Scour!


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