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New Year’s Yarn – Silly Saturday

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New Year’s yarn resolutions, what could be better? This is going to be an awesome year!

New Year's Yarn

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New Year\'s Yarn - Silly SaturdayNew Year\'s Yarn - Silly SaturdayNew Year\'s Yarn - Silly SaturdayNew Year\'s Yarn - Silly Saturday

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Yarn – Silly Saturday”

  1. Hi, Jessie. I’m attempting the Juliette shawl. I’m struggling & want some advise. I’ve chained 91 & did the DC in the 4th chain & SS into the last chain (first chain made, right?) to make the loop. I slipped this loop over my head & it’s not all that roomy. I’d like it to be a bit roomier as it slips over the head (it’s going to be a gift). So any advise? If I were to add a few more chains to make a larger loop seems like it might mess up the instructions that follow? Then I’d be more confused. Thanks. I’m determined to see this to completion even tho it might not be on my level. I hope to learn.

    • You may want to join my Facebook group to ask for advice along the way, it will be easier for you to get quick answers that way. You can start with more stitches, but it will need some adjusting as you get to the end that way. You can give it a try, and when you get to the point that the two sides are supposed to meet in the back, you will just have to keep attaching them to the neck. Again, I’d say join the group and post pictures and ask along the way.


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