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Not exactly part of my schedule…

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This is what I begun to type at 8pm last night with the intention of putting together a quick Wednesday Night Round Up for you:

Did you watch House? I did for a bit. I remember the one with the blogger who was blogging from her hospital bed. I thought she was a bit nuts. Yet here I am, in my hospital bed, blogging. No worries, it just seems that my infection from a few months ago has come back, and because my white blood cell count is so high, they want to keep me over night.

This has obviously messed with my schedule a bit…

At this point I was 2 words into the next sentence when the Doctor came in to tell me I was about to go to surgery.

We had shown up at the ER at 3pm because the pain I felt before had come back and my specialist could not see me until the next day. The pain was keeping me from eating and drinking, so I was very dehydrated, so we went to the ER instead of waiting.

There were lots of questions, lots of IV fluids, and eventually a CT Scan that revealed my “just a generic infection” had not gone away completely and either was, or had become, and abscess. So…that had to be dealt with surgically. Seeing as this is a family friendly and generally “look on the bright side” (without lying about) kind of blog, I’m not going into the medical details beyond that. O_o

So, that is the “My dog ate my homework” excuse for why I missed last night’s round up. I will work on editing together some patterns I have for you this week. Once they let me go home (today or tomorrow) I won’t really be able to do much for a few days, but thankfully my parents are here visiting until the 8th. So even though I am highly annoyed that I am missing them while I am here in the hospital, I am glad that they will be around when I go home, and it means that we will be able to just stay home and hang out together, which is always nice. 🙂

Have a great day, my friends!


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8 thoughts on “Not exactly part of my schedule…”

    • I’m just glad I’ll be all better in time for the show! Can you even imagine the tears if I had to miss the Knit and Crochet show?!?

  1. Kyla: I miss you, I love you
    Vada: You are sweet and nice. I love you a lot, I care about you more than anyone.
    Kyla: We miss you.

    • Thanks for the note from the kids Mom.
      Me: I love you both a bunch and a paloopy (and tell your Grammy and Grandpa and Daddy the same)


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