Isn’t this Origami Butterfly pretty? Imagine if you made it with a patterned paper. They can be stuck on walls, added to collages, placed on plants, or even put on a wire and added into a floral arrangement. Think of all the possibilities!

Origami Butterfly tutorial from Jessie At Home

Only one side of the paper is seen on the finished Origami Butterfly, so the color of the back of the paper does not matter. Be sure to crease well after each fold.

Fold paper into the Blintz Base, find the instructions HERE.

Origami Butterfly Step 1

Turn over and fold all 4 corners to center.

Origami Butterfly Step 2

Open up paper and place with wrong side up.

Origami Butterfly Step 3

Fold opposite sides in to the center.

Origami Butterfly Step 4

Following the crease lines, fold down both ends bringing the sides of the ends out into points.

Origami Butterfly Step 5

Fold piece in half.

Origami Butterfly Step 6

Fold the top layer of both sides down.

Origami Butterfly Step 7

Fold in the sides a small amount.

Origami Butterfly Step 8

Fold in half.

Origami Butterfly Step 9

Fold the center in to the middle at an angle.

Origami Butterfly Step 10

Open up butterfly.

Origami Butterfly Step 11

Find more Origami creations at:


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