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Retro Ornament Throw Videos

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Just in time for Christmas in July, Red Heart Yarns has released a new pattern that I designed. The Retro Ornament Throw was inspired by those pretty old glass ornaments that are shaped like a sideways eye and often have some sort of decorative circle in the center. This pattern is full of texture and color, and it is sure to become a family heirloom. Weave in those ends well and it will last for generations! I still have blankets from my great grandmother made in Red Heart Super Saver that have been washed so many times, and are still in wonderful shape!


There are many pieces to this pattern. First you make all the ornament motifs, then you join them into strips, and join those strips together as you go. Lastly you add on some tassels. In order to help you out with each part, I made a few videos. Have a look and you will see this blanket is one you can make for yourself, or for a gift for a loved one! You can even change up the colors to match your décor, though I have to say I really love this color combination.


Find the full pattern here!

If you find these videos useful, please consider buying some of your supplies from the affiliate links below.

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38 thoughts on “Retro Ornament Throw Videos”

  1. Jessie, I love this Retro Ornament Throw! I am looking forward to crocheting this throw. Many… Thanks to You for the three Tutorial Video’s, really helps!

  2. Jessie, your afghan is absolutely beautiful! You’ve done a marvelous job with color and construction. Some day soon I hope to crochet this. Thank you for the pattern.

  3. This rug is absolutely stunning. Thank you sooooooooooooo much for the pattern and those wonderful video tutorials.

  4. This design is amazing! Elegant and colorful. It is clearly a labor of love and true craftsmanship. Congratulations!

  5. I love this afghan and would like to start this while on vacation. I’ll be out of the country so I won’t be able to watch the videos. Do you have written instructions available? Thank you in advance

  6. OMG this is seriously the most original and gorgeous Holiday afghan pattern I’ve ever seen. Would absolutely love to make one. I love your colors but am thinking about silver and gold being included somehow for the outside of each ornament, keeping the pinks and blues, reds and greens as well. Wonder if Red Hearts makes silver-ish and gold-ish yarn in super saver?

  7. I love this pattern! It really brings back memories of my mother’s old ornaments. I do have a general question about your patterns. Can I sell my finished works if I label them with “Jessie at Home” link? Thanks again for all the lovely patterns!

    • Even though I designed this pattern, it is owned by Red Heart Yarns, so they are the ones you would need to ask. Thank you!

  8. This design is beautiful and fun and full of cheer 😉

    My crochet skills are lacking a bit, but I’m going to go through your handy tutorials and give it a try! If I fail I’ll just have to convince my mother-in-law to make one of these for me 😉

  9. waaw i love it very much thank you jessie . please , i want to know if i can sell it when i finish it ? thank you very much

  10. Jessie,
    Thank You sooo much for the video. While I am proficient at reading patterns, I am a very visual person and your videos simplified everything. I will be making several of these as gifts (once I decide on colors). 🙂

    • No, I did not block the motifs. However, once the blanket was done I did give the whole thing a light steam blocking.

  11. Confessions of a life-long knitter. I have never, until recently, found a crochet project that was so beautiful that I wanted to LEARN to crochet. About a month ago the video of your Retro Ornament Throw hit my Facebook feed. That very night I stayed up late watching your videos and practicing with scrap yarn. Convinced I could actually do this, the next day I ordered the yarn from Amazon. Success! Tonight I completed the project, down to the last tassel. Excellent video instruction!!! Thanks for sharing your gift.

  12. Jessie, I am ready to *cry* with frustration. I have been working on this for *months*, I need it for a charity event this week, and I can’t get the fringe right. Everything else is done. I have watched and watched and watched the tutorial. When you do an overhand knot the “smooth” side of the knot ends up on top so it looks pretty. Every time I do an overhand knot the “v” part where the yarn wraps and dips ends up on top and it is not pretty. I have tried and tried and tried. I have tried changing my hand position, changing which way I make the loop. Nothing works. I can’t see exactly how you make the overhand knot, your hands are covering the knot. Please help. I am so unhappy that all of my time and effort to make this beautiful will be wasted by the ugly knots.

    • I don’t know, I just tie them without really thinking about it. I guess I twisted it so the cut end of the yarn comes up to make the loop, then goes back down through the loop and pull slowly to shape.

  13. What a pretty design, just a few weeks ago I saw the Curvilicious for Quilts and it looks like your beautiful design. I love it. You can use all those scrap yarns that are left over from a projects.

  14. I’m planning to make this for my best friend who is due Christmas Day! Quick questions regarding total yards of yarn needed. For the ornaments I’m using an ombre yarn vs. switching to new colors. How much yarn would I need for the ornaments? I’m so excited to make this!

    • I’m really not sure, I would say at least 3 skeins. You can always buy more and keep your receipt to return what you don’t use.

    • You mean curvy in a way other than it’s supposed to be? I have no idea what you mean. You can join my FB group and post a picture and tag me.


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