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Secret and not~so~secret crochet!

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So I have finally been feeling alive enough to get back to crocheting today! Here is a pile of yarn I have next to me attached to a few secret projects. I know, I’m such a stinker showing you the yarn and not the project, but sometimes you just have to wait!


Here is the start of something I hope to have ready to share with you by the end of the weekend. I LOVE making a linen stitch with Aunt Lydia’s Baker’s Cotton. They works so wonderfully together! You are going to love this sweet little spring project I have for you.


I worked on it while in the waiting room today. There was a lot of waiting.


So I am pretty sure I will be up to making videos tomorrow. I want to make a Puff Stitch Stitchopedia video for you, and a video to go along with the fun pattern above. Can you guess what it will be? How about I give the first person who guesses correctly winner’s choice of any of my sale patterns on Ravelry for free? We have to keep this National Crochet Month Celebration going!! Make sure to put your guesses in the comments section of this blog post so I don’t have to search all over social media to find them.

Oh, I just got a notification that Craftsy is having a sale on classes. I’m not sure how long it will last, so check it out!

I’m not sure why I felt the need to take this photo yesterday morning, but she was just so sweet, standing there, combing her hair.


Today in school, Vada made a Leprechaun puppet for Kyla.


They were a bit silly after school today. Kyla really wanted a kiss from Vada.


Vada was having none of it.


No!! Don’t kiss me!!




OK, fine, I’ll take a hug.

So, update on medical enigma me…

I went to the GI specialist today. He asked a lot of questions, looked over the CT scan with me (that was neat and freaky all at the same time) and talked about several things that it could be. By the end of the visit, his best guess (we are still guessing here, that is the way this usually works) was Crohn’s Disease. So, I have an appointment for a procedure (I am trying to keep down the TMI here) on Monday, and then another appointment with the specialist on the following Monday. So…we will see.


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