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Stitchopedia ~Shortcut Tassels

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Add something extra to your knit or crochet with these tassels. I have a shortcut that allows you to attach the tassel as you make it, and leaves you with no ends to weave into your knit or crochet item. I have written the instructions and I also made a video to show how to make the tassels. For this tutorial, I used Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton. Enjoy!

This video will show you how to make the tassels from start to finish!

Written instructions

Yarn needle
Crochet hook
Yarn for tassels

Step 1: Cut yarn for tassel. The tassel pieces should be twice the desired length of the tassels, plus 4″. Cut as many as you need to make the tassels as thick as you want.

Step 2: Cut a tie string for tassel. The tie string should be as long as the tassel pieces, plus 2 more feet.

Step 3: Insert crochet hook through desired attachment point of knit or crochet piece. Grab the center of the tie string and pull it through about 1 inch. Use the crochet hook to pull the 2 ends of the tie string and any ends that were left from your knit or crochet piece through the loop on your hook. Tighten up the knot just made.

Step 4: Spread the 2 ends of the tie strings to the sides, and place the center of the tassel pieces across the attachment point. Knot the tie strings around the center of the tassel pieces.

Step 5: Fold the tassel in half at the knot just made. Leave one tie string end long, and clip the other and any other long ends to the same length as the tassel pieces (do not clip the tassel pieces).

Step 6: Thread the remaining long tie string end onto the yarn needle. Pinch the tassel from the top, so the tip of your fingers are where you want the bottom or the wrapped section. Tightly wrap the long tie string around the tassel, working up for about 1/2 inch. Sew the end straight through the tassel at the top of the wrap. Move over 1 strand of yarn and sew the end back through the center of the tassel, coming out from the inside center of the tassel. Pull tight.

Step 7: Clip tassel to desired length.

Want to make the bunting in the photos and video? Here’s the pattern.


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    • I love finding alternate ways to secure ends without having to weave them in, it comes from a dislike of weaving in ends. 😉


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