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Snack Bag for school, free knit pattern!

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So I wanted a fun snack bag for the girls to use in kindergarten. It seemed like a good excuse to make a new pattern. The snack bag came out adorable, and I felt the need to share it for free with all of blogland! So here you go, my friends.

Snack Bag free knit pattern by Jessie At Home
Ravelry Link

Pink and blue stripes made by using blue in following rnds:
15, 17~19, 21, 35, 37~39, 41, 55, 57~59, 61


Yellow and green stripes made by using green in following rnds:
44, 48, 51, 53~54, 56~58, 60~80

Sizes: 4.5″ x 3″ x 9″

Yarn: DK weight, sample in photos is made with Bernat Softee Baby

Needle: Set of 5 size 5 double pointed needles

Gauge: 6 stitches per inch

Other Notions: Yarn needle for weaving in ends

Stitches and Skills used:
CO ~ cast on
WS ~ wrong side
S ~ slip
K ~ knit
P ~ purl
DP ~ double point
PFB ~ purl front and back
ST(S) ~ stitch(es)

Snack Bag Bottom
CO 30 onto one needle, work in bottom in rows
Variation: use a provisional cast on to make picking up these stitches latter a little easier
Row 1~19 odd: (WS) s1 purl wise, p to end
Row 2~20 even: s1 knit wise, k to end do not bind off, continue with bag sides


Bottom with provisional cast on

Snack Bag Sides 
Rnd 1: with one dp needle, pick up 19 sts along (short) side of bottom, p into each st; with next dp needle, pick up 30 sts along next (long) side of bottom, pfb in first st, p28, pfb in last st; with next dp needle, pick up 19 sts along (short) side of bottom, p into each st; with last dp needle, working in 30 live sts from last row of bottom, pfb in first st, p28, pfb in last st


After rnd 1 of sides

Rnd 2~8 even: k19, (next needle), s1purl wise, k30, s1 purl wise, (next needle), k19, (next needle), s1 purl wise, k30, s1 purl wise
Rnd 3~9 odd: k all
Rnd 10~74 even: k9, p1, k9, (next needle), s1purl wise, k30, s1 purl wise, (next needle), k9, p1, k9, (next needle), s1 purl wise, k30, s1 purl wise
Rnd 11~73 odd: k9, p1, k9, (next needle), k32, (next needle), k9, p1, k9, (next needle), k32
Rnd 75: p all
Picot Bind Off: k1, *k1, slip last st back onto left needle, co2, bind off 4 (1 st on right needle), rep from * around bag top. Clip thread, end work and weave in ends.

Button Loop
CO3: work I~Cord long enough to make a loop for your button of choice
Variation: co 20 or so (depending on the size of your button), then bind off all sts
Variation: crochet a ch st chain long enough for button loop

Snack Bag Lining 
This bag can be used without a lining, but it may stretch out with use. I choose to make a fabric lining for my bag to help avoid the stretching. Here is a quick tutorial on how I made my lining.
First I drew it out on the inside of my fabric. Make a rectangle that is as wide as the one front plus one side of your bag, and as long as twice the height of your bag plus the depth of your bag. Add a half inch seam allowance around the rectangle. Draw in stitching lines as in the following picture:


Fold in half along center of bottom (right sides together) and sew side seams.

Smush the bottom corner into a triangle and stitch the bottom of the side to the side of the bottom (the pictures should help)


Clip the triangle bit off, leaving a ½” seam allowance.


Press the four side edges and top stitch very close to edge to make the bag hold its shape.

Fold the top over ½” and slip lining into bag. Whip stitch lining into bag just below trim line.


Sew on button and button loop and enjoy!

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