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Sometimes you need to take a day

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It was a rough night last night. Vada was coughing all night, and Kyla woke us up (OK, only me as Doug didn’t hear her) at 3am, crying with growing pains.

Due to the impending doom of Nemo *I dare you to read that without a chuckle* the district had called today as a half day for school. So, with the utter lack of sleep we all had, I decided it was time to take a day.


We started the morning with some Yummy Berry tea from InsaniTea. The girls love to pick out the little pieces of fruit and berries and eat them.

OK, so do I.


Nemo started off early. I tried to photograph the snow falling, but it wouldn’t show up in the snap.


I gave it a shot thought the other side of the window and it worked a bit better.


I decided to deal with the cold for a quick bit and opened the side door. Finally a picture where you can actually see the snow falling. I had grand plans to document the storm…but I forgot to keep taking picture throughout the day. I’m not that heartbroken about it though, as it really is only dropped a few inches of snow. Nothing like what was advertised.


We spent the morning relaxing and watching PBS. It was nice.


I made myself one of my favorite breakfasts. It really is better then it looks. It is a sandwich thin (you can find them with the hamburger rolls, they are flat and round and yummy) topped with sliced tomatoes, and then cheese on top. Toss it under the broiler and let the cheese melt and brown a bit. Don’t forget about it! Mine browned a bit more then I wanted, but it was still very tasty! If you have some pesto, sneak that in on the sandwich thin under the tomatoes. You can also use bread, muffins or bagels in place of the sandwich thin.


The girls and I had a very pleasant morning. Doug came home early, and after their nap the girls talked him into playing Parcheesi. They really do know how to play. There are very few things in life that they like better then playing games with Daddy.


Kyla found a little piece of yarn and tried to tell me it wasn’t trash. She insisted I could make something with it. So I did.


I have a Pinworthy idea I have been meaning to share with you. I know you have seen it in pictures before, but I never really told you about it. As any of you with school age littles know, Kindergarten is full of “sight words” that you are encouraged to practice with your children. I came up with this solution as a place to display the sight words where the girls would see them everyday, and we could easily practice them. It’s quite simple. I took some 1 1/2″ ribbon and attached it along the stairway. I was able to just use a household stapler to attach the ribbon at the top and bottom of the stairs. Then use paper clips to attach the sight words onto the ribbon. I did staple the ribbon again under a few of the sight words to keep the ribbon from sagging. We really like it.

Well, I have some things to finish up this evening. I hope you are all ready for the virtual party here tomorrow!!


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