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Spool Knit Fun and Other Goodies

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I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and that your week is turning out well. We’ve had some fun here. I used one of my new~to~me tea pots for the first time. It was an Earl Gray kind of day.


On Sunday the girls and I decided it was time for a spool knitting tea party. They had received spool knitting kits from my parents (who are now stationed in Sicily) for Christmas, and with the plague we had going around, I hadn’t had a chance to teach them yet.


They both picked it up quite quickly. They love learning how to create new things. I have no idea where they get that from. 🙂


They spent hours, yes HOURS, sitting and spool knitting. No TV, just happily making. Vada even needed to swipe some yarn from my stash to keep going! Kyla’s kit had a lot more yarn in it, so she was fine with what she had.


Vada’s spool knitter is wood and has 4 pegs, so it makes a cute little tube. Vada has a thing for green.


Kyla’s spool knitter is plastic and has 6 pegs, so it makes a wider tube. She wants to make it really long and make a scarf. I am going to see if she can make it 3 times as long as she wants so we can loosely braid it to make it wider.


This coming Saturday, my friend Marsha will be coming for a visit. Remember when I told you I swiped her pretty bowl so she would have to come visit? I went grocery shopping at Trader Joes on Monday and I may have gotten a bit excited about Marsha coming. I told her if she came around lunch time we could have a “bunch~of~little~things” kind of lunch. So this is what I picked up. I have some other crackers in the pantry as well. Plus tea, coffee, and tea biscuits. Yes, that is chocolate cheddar cheese. It is either going to be awesome or gross, I will let you know!


We received a package that was packed with this brown paper the other day. Kyla loves huge paper to color!


I had to buy a new scanner. At some point I will replace my scanner/printer/fax machine, but that is not in the budget right now. So I thought it would be nice to have a portable scanner, and I found this one for under $50 including the memory card and shipping. I was worried that it would get dirty, especially if I traveled with it. Why buy a portable scanner if you can’t take it anywhere? I thought it would be nice at conferences and such if there is a flyer or something I want to remember. So I knitted myself a little cotton cover for the scanner, and I even put on a pocket for the cord. The scanner is battery operated, but the cord is needed to upload the scans to a computer.


I’ve made some progress on the jean/yarn skirt. I am almost done with the front wedge. This is taking a while because I don’t work on it that often. I have several other things that are a higher priority at the moment, but sometimes I just need a fun and easy knit, so this is great!


Well it is almost time to take the littles to school, so I should wrap this up. Have a great day, my friends!


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