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State Postcard – Make a post card using a Cricut

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Make a post card using a Cricut

That’s exactly what I did for a dear friend of mine who put out a request on Facebook  – her child’s 4th grade class was trying to get post cards from all 50 states but they were missing a few. One of the missing states was NJ, where I happen to live. Of course I told her I would be happy to help out. I thought about it and decided I could to make a post card using a Cricut myself.

State Postcard Cricut Creation by Jessie At HomeSome products used in this post were provided by Cricut

State Postcard planning

The first think I did was look up the state animal of NJ (I did not grow up here, so I never learned the state animal/flower/what-have-you in school). The state animal of NJ is the horse. So I went into my Cricut Design Space and started a new project. I made a written (with the Cricut markers) text box for the back of the card. I made some cut out text that said “New Jersey” to go up the side of the card. Then I chose “images”. I filtered the images to my images (free, those I had already purchased, and Cricut Access images). Then I search those images for “horse”. I found a horse I loved and added it to my project. I sized it for the postcard and started picking my materials.

State Postcard getting ready
Next I got all my materials together. I had a roll of pretty metallic vinyl that I thought would work well. I made sure to grab a roll of transfer tape as well.

State Postcard weeded

Next I cut everything out and weeded it all. When I make a post card using a Cricut (or anything using my Cricut) I lay it out in order so I didn’t put it on the card in the wrong order. I cut out a piece of transfer tape that was big enough for the biggest piece. I then peeled the tape off and stuck it to my pants  – this gets a little link on it and help keep it from sticking too tightly to the paper so it’s less likely to tear your paper when you remove it.

State Postcard layer 1

I then used the transfer tape to stick the “New Jersey” to the side of the card. First I stuck the tape on the vinyl and pressed it with the pressing tool, then I peeled the backing off the vinyl, leaving the letters perfectly spaced on the tape. Then I stuck it onto the postcard and used the presser tool to press it down again. Lastly I peeled the transfer tape off carefully leaving just the text on the card.

State Postcard layer 2

Now it was time for the horse. I attached the first layer with the same piece of transfer tape in the same manner as I attached the text.

State Postcard layer 3

Then I picked up the next layer of the horse with my transfer tape and added that on.

State Postcard layer 4

Then there were 2 more layers to the horse to add on with the same piece of transfer tape. I was very careful with each layer to be sure to get them lined up really well.

State Postcard all done

And here we have the final handmade postcard. Isn’t it cute? And the message and addresses are written on the back with the Cricut markers. I had so much fun with this project,  you can make a post card using a Cricut and you can do it with any state. Just do a little research to find your state animal and another fun fact or two for the message, and get to creating!

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