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Join~as~You~go for joining Grannies

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This is a great way to join your granny motifs while you work them, eliminating the extra time of joining them at the end, and cutting down on the number of ends you need to weave in! I have used hexagons in this tutorial, but you can use this method with any of your grannies that fit together!

Here is a video showing this method, using my Flower to Hexagon Granny and Lion Brand Heartland yarn (which is made in the USA), and a 6.o0 mm/US J crochet hook.

Written instructions:

First: It is important that all your corners are made with a chain 2. The first chain counts as the last stitch of the first side, and the second chain counts as the first stitch of the second side. This is how you know which side to join each chain into.

Start the last round of your granny and work until you get to the first corner you need to join. Make the first ch of the corner as normal, to make the second ch, first insert the hook from front to back into the corner ch that you are connecting to, then make the chain by yarning over, and pulling through everything on your needle. (this is seen in the first image below)

Now complete the next 3 dc, as seen in the second and third images. Connect the next ch stitch, by first inserting your hook from front to back in the chain space you are joining into, then make the chain in the same manner as before. (this can be seen in the fourth image) Continue with this step until the next corner is reached.

Join the first ch of the corner ch-2 to the corner your are joining to (fifth image). Join the second chain to the next motif you are joining to (if there is another) and continue as before. (last image)

Once you have finished connecting however many motifs you need, you will continue the last round to the end.

Here is a picture to help with that:


Now you can make that Granny Blanket you have been putting off because you hate joining motifs!


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5 thoughts on “Join~as~You~go for joining Grannies”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your work.
    I just started working on the hexagon flowers with the extra center. I would never have been able to do some of the rounds without your videos. Watching how to join as you go now.
    Thank you again!

  2. This was very helpful I stop doing blocks just for that reason I hated to put in all that time and then have to join them altogether.

  3. Just wondering why you only joined the chain stitches? When I sew a granny together I join every stitch not just the chains.


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